“I envy their costume because it actually existed”: One Justice League Star Who Had a Major Falling Out With DC Regretted Watching Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck in Superhero Gear

The actor was surrounded by the cast of the film, who looked like they were lifted right out of the comics.

Justice League, Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill


  • Ray Fisher was the only member of the Justice League who did not have a physical costume to where.
  • This made the actor envious of his co-stars, all of whom had a physical version of their onscreen costumes.
  • Ray Fisher had a falling with WB after there was alleged misconduct by Joss Whedon during the reshoots of Justice League.
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While there were a slew of issues with the DCEU, it must be noted that the camaraderie that the cast enjoyed with each other was undeniable. However, while there were some members of the cast who felt like they were living out their childhoods with all the superhero costumes, there was one actor who was stuck in a CGI complaint jumpsuit, thanks to the nature of his character’s powers.

Justice League led by Batman would overwhelm The Avengers
Justice League. Credits: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc

While most members on set had dashing suits reminiscent of what audiences saw on the screen after post-production, Fisher, who played Victor Stone/Cyborg, had to endure filming in a CGI suit so that his mechanical parts could be added to the film via post-production.

Ray Fisher envied his cast-mates on the set of Justice League

Ray Fisher as Cyborg
Ray Fisher as Cyborg in Justice League || Warner Brothers.

Speaking with Showbiz Jamie, the cast of Justice League talked about how they had become a family over time, and how they looked out for each other on set. However, when there was one thing in particular that Ray Fisher felt alienated about his suit on the set of the film. He said:


I was in a onesie. I was calm, cool, collected. I did have a  muscle suit I wore sometimes with, like, the hoodie and the sweatpants, and I felt like what it was to be them on a certain level. But I envied their costume because it actually existed.

The final cut of the film had Fisher draped in heavy CGI to bring his character to life. The film did a great job of making Cyborg feel believable, opting for the character to be more man than machine in his design. Despite the eventual falling out that Ray Fisher would have with DC, the actor was able to deliver a stunning performance as Victor Stone.

Ray Fisher was unhappy with Joss Whedon’s attitude during re-shoots

A still from Josh Whedon's Justice League
A still from Josh Whedon’s Justice League || Warner Brothers.

Ray Fisher would eventually have a falling out with WB, as he would announce on Twitter that he found Joss Whedon’s attitude on the set of the Justice League reshoots abusive. This, Fisher alleged, was enabled by the producers on set, Geoff Johns and Jon Berg, who categorically denied enabling any sort of abusive behavior on set.

While Ray Fisher might have had a falling out with DC’s parent company, the actor is still well-liked by Zack Snyder, even casting him in his new IP for Netflix, Rebel Moon. The actor was more than happy to collaborate with Snyder again, essaying the role of Darian Bloodaxe.


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