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“I feel bad for the people going to see The Little Mermaid”: Halle Bailey’s Disney Movie Suffers Another Setback and This Time For Its Song

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The Little Mermaid, an enchanting and cherished fairy tale, has mesmerized generations with its enduring narrative of love, sacrifice, and the pursuit of dreams. However, the recently released Halle Bailey starrer Disney live-action adaptation has been riddled with controversies. The film has faced a series of setbacks, with recent attention drawn to Awkwafina’s performance of the iconic Scuttlebutt Song.

The Little Mermaid
The Little Mermaid

The song has sparked mixed reactions among fans, with some describing it as fun and others criticizing it.

Disney’s Approach To Remake The Scuttlebutt Song Led To Controversies

Awkwafina's Little Mermaid Song
Awkwafina’s Little Mermaid Song, The Scuttlebutt

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Disney’s latest live-action adaptation, The Little Mermaid, has generated significant controversy with its approach to the Scuttlebutt song. The film, following the studio’s tradition, boasts an extensive runtime, expanding the original animated classic by an astonishing 52 minutes.

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However, while the movie may be bigger, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better. Part of the extended duration comes from new music, including three additional songs: Wild Uncharted Waters, For the First Time, and Scuttlebutt.

The introduction of Scuttlebutt, a sing-rap in the style of Hamilton featuring Awkwafina as Scuttle the seagull, has drawn strong criticism. The tune, deemed almost unbearable, threatens the overall quality of the film.

The original scene, lasting a mere 20 seconds, effectively builds anticipation for Ariel’s prospects before crushing them when Eric’s proposal doesn’t materialize.

 Little Mermaid
Disney’s, The Little Mermaid

In the live-action remake, already bloated at 135 minutes, this scene is unnecessarily prolonged, diminishing its impact with Awkwafina’s grating lyrics.

But, Disney’s target audience of young fans might have had an impact on their choice to hire the 34-year-old. From a business perspective, pairing her with Lin-Manuel Miranda ensures a musical powerhouse, that appeals to a younger demographic.

While adult opinions may be divided, the ultimate test lies in how children will respond to Awkwafina’s Little Mermaid song.

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Mixed Fan Reactions To Awkwafina’s Little Mermaid Song

Disney’s live-action adaptation of The Little Mermaid has sparked mixed fan reactions, especially regarding Awkwafina’s portrayal of the character’s song, known as The Scuttlebutt.

Rapper, Awkwafina

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The inclusion of this rap tune, where Scuttle shares rumors about Prince Eric’s proposal, has sparked heated debates among fans of the original animated classic.

Starring Halle Bailey and directed by Rob Marshall, this version of the beloved tale features a mix of Alan Menken and Howard Ashman’s iconic songs from the 1989 film, along with a few new additions.

Awkwafina’s song has drawn a lot of criticism. While some fans appreciate the rapper’s distinctive interpretation and her energetic performance and called it fun, others are not too happy with it. A fan shared their views on social media stating,


“I’m sorry, but Scuttlebutt tore. :/ it was so fun, and when Sebastian joined in as well, I liked it even more! I know people feel a certain wait about Awkwafina, but her performance as Scuttle was so perfectly cast, as was the rest of the characters. Not a single complaint fromme.”

Meanwhile, others argue that it’s tough to listen to the tune of the song, leading to a different response among audiences. One online user commented,

“I feel bad for the people going to see ‘The Little Mermaid’ and have to sit through that Awkwafina song because good lord is it bad.”

Following the criticism, another said,

“Tbh Awkwafina shouldn’t have been cast. Every time she spoke as Scuttle, it would snap me out of storyline cuz her AWFUL voice is so distinct and reminder it’s her. Plus given her history w/Blaccent, that rap (while upbeat) did make me feel a little uneasy.”

However, the intense discussions surrounding Awkwafina’s Little Mermaid song highlight the enduring affection for the original film and the high expectations that accompany any remake.

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