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‘I feel like he’s a professional wrestler’: Prey Director Explains How His Film Differs From Previous Predator Movies That Failed To Hit The Mark

Prey Director Explains How His Film Differs From Previous Predator Movies

Solidifying his role as the leading man, the first Predator starred Arnold Schwarzenegger against the titular villain. Directed by John McTiernan, the film blended the action and thriller genres like no other. While the original is widely regarded as a classic, sadly the sequels weren’t able to live up to the expectations, until now. With Prey premiering on Hulu on August 5, the early reviews have been extremely favorable so far.


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What can only be called a curse, none of the other films did as well as the first one, critically or financially. The latest Predator movie saw Shane Black’s return as the writer and tasked with directing the film too. But the movie failed in all avenues, questioning the need for more sequels.

Predator goes to the Comanche Nation

Considered to be kind of a prequel, Prey will follow the extraterrestrial hunter as it stalks its prey in the human world 300 years ago. The protagonist’s name is Naru, a native warrior played by Amber Midthunder.

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Prey 2022
Prey 2022

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The difference in technology played an interesting role in the first and second films and is discussed to be playing an important role here too. With the weapons of the modern age not available, Naru will have to pull off some Dutch moves.

Dan Trachtenberg explains why Prey is better than previous Predator movies

While discussing the failure of the previous films, Prey director Dan Trachtenberg believes the problem lies with the depiction of the villain, showing him to be a wrestler more than a primal hunter. Commenting on the same, he said to Digital Spy:

“I really wanted to make this version of the Predator so much more feral and ferocious and animalistic, from its movements to its silhouette and its design… I sometimes feel in watching some of the Predator films that it feels very much like a professional wrestler…”

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Predator started as an interesting blend between the animalistic demeanor and futuristic technology.

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He believes watching the creature in the sequels made him feel he was a person over an alien. The director stated in the interview his villain is gonna be feral, ferocious, and animalistic. Originally played by Kevin Peter Hall, the quality of the movement has fallen since.

Prey is set to release as a Hulu original film on August 5, 2022.

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