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“I feel sad about that”: Emily Blunt Was Unhappy With Warner Bros For Ruining Tom Cruise’s $367 Million Movie Because of Underwhelming Promotion

"I feel sad about that": Emily Blunt Was Unhappy With Warner Bros For Ruining Tom Cruise's $367 Million Movie Because of Underwhelming Promotion

Emily Blunt is one of the most popular names in the Hollywood industry. The gorgeous looks and sincerity in her acting have only added to the successful career of the actress. The movie star has been a part of the entertainment industry for more than two decades and has numerous successful movies under her name. The actor also worked with some of the most popular heroes over the years, including the handsome heart-throb, Tom Cruise. The due formed a hit pair for Cruise’s sci-fi action film Edge of Tomorrow. The Blunt-Cruise movie was a massive hit, but the actress was seemingly unhappy with its box office results.

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt

The Devil Wears Prada actress talked in detail about working with superstar Tom Cruise for the sci-fi feature film that made $367 million. She shared that Tom Cruise had approached her for the lead role after seeing her in a movie. The actress also shared about the amount of hard work and prep that went into the role of a futuristic warrior in a bid to save the planet from alien invasion.

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Tom Cruise approached Emily Blunt for Edge of Tomorrow

Edge of Tomorrow was a massive success, which features Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt in lead roles. As per reports, Cruise personally cast Blunt for the role after watching her film, The Adjustment Bureau. The actress shared in an interview with Deadline in 2014,

“There was one scene in that where he was like, ‘That’s the girl.’ It was when my character meets Matt Damon in the bathroom. Adjustment Bureau was different from the full-metal b**** in Edge of Tomorrow.”

Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise
Emily Blunt and Tom Cruise

The Mary Poppins Returns fame shared that Tom Cruise had outright told her that film will be difficult, with lots of action and a heavy bodysuit.

Blunt said,

“When I met them in the meeting, Tom said, ‘It’s going to be really, really f***ing hard! I think this might be the hardest action movie that I will ever do—of course, because of the sheer weight of those Ecto suits we were carrying and moving around in. You have to become an athlete to do a film like Tomorrow.” 

A Quiet Place actress though intimidated by the complex role, assured that she was up for it.

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Emily Blunt’s disappointment with the box-office performance of Edge of Tomorrow

The futuristic fiction movie, Edge of Tomorrow, received lots of appreciation for its performance and originality. As per people’s reviews, the majority of the viewers immensely enjoyed the film. However, the box office results were a bit disappointing. Talking numbers, the movie made $367 million worldwide after being produced on a budget of $178 million.

Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt

The actress delved into the film’s performance in an interview with Screen Crush,

“I feel sad about that. I wish they’d shown more of humor and the relationship in the marketing. And I love Warner Bros., I do love them, but I think the movie seemed to be, from everyone’s reaction, ‘Oh my God, it’s not what I thought it would be.’ So, something must have gone awry there. But, I think Tom is amazing in it as well.” 

Emily Blunt added that the box office results are often unpredictable, as one cannot say if a film will be a hit or flop. Sometimes, movies that are deemed average turn out to be a hit among the audience. She added that she is happy that people watched her film and it was widely appreciated.

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