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“I felt bad, I just felt bad”: Dwayne Johnson’s Guilt After Disrespecting His Teacher Changed His Life Completely

"I felt bad, I just felt bad": Dwayne Johnson's Guilt After Disrespecting His Teacher Changed His Life Completely

A real-life underdog story is adored by many, which is why we can support all of our role models and idols that we follow because they motivate us to rise up and be our best selves. And in recent times, that underdog story can be narrated by no one better than Dwayne Johnson. Popularly known by his ring name The Rock, the wrestler-turned-superstar of the Hollywood industry is the prime example of how with determination and discipline, anyone can achieve what they want.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

From rags to riches, the Rampage star has been through all of it and still came out electrifying. But even the star had his days of rebellion where he didn’t act in the way he could be proud of himself. One such incident occurred with him in high school where he misbehaved with his teacher, and when he went to apologize the next day, the teacher’s reception to his apology changed him in a significant way.

An Apology Changed Dwayne Johnson’s Life Forever

Dwayne Johnson: Before and after images of The Rock
Dwayne Johnson: Before and after images of The Rock

Everyone who knows the name of Dwayne Johnson also knows the story of his rise to stardom. With just $7 in his pocket and a long road ahead of him, The Rock pushed on and on till he reached the top of the Hollywood industry, where he became the highest-paid actor for two consecutive years. With all of this fame and success, the star still remains as humble as ever, may it be with fans or the members of the crew of the project that he has worked with, although he had to learn some of it from an incident from his high school.

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The incident in conversation happened when the Jungle Cruise star was using the teacher’s washroom like always because he complained that the boy’s washroom always smelled like smoke. But during one of those times, one of his teachers caught him and told him to leave as it was reserved for the staff. A little annoyed, Johnson refused to get out immediately and continued to defy the teacher’s command, then exited the room with a heavy attitude. But when he went home that day, he felt bad to behave in such a way, which is why he went to that teacher the next day to apologize for his behavior.

The Rock further told about how the teacher extended his hand and shook it, which changed his attitude for the better. He said:

“I went home that day, and I felt bad, just bad! The very next day, I found him, and I said ‘I just want to apologize for how I acted yesterday, and I am sorry’, and I stuck my hand out. He looked at my hand, and shook my hand. I’ll never forget that shake. He wouldn’t let go. He said ‘I want you to do something for me. I want you to come out and play football for me.’ He looked past thet B.S, and said ‘I believe in you, and I want to turn you around'”

With that Johnson made his entry into High School Football, and the rest is history.

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What’s Next For The Rock?

Dwayne Johnson on the sets of Red One
Dwayne Johnson on the sets of Red One

After his Black Adam franchise got axed by DC Films’ CEO James Gunn and Peter Safran, the Jumanji star now prepares to bounce back with his upcoming Christmas special Red One which will also feature MCU star Chris Evans alongside Johnson. Apart from this, Seven Bucks Productions will also be indulging themselves in a video game adaptation of the superhit video game It Takes Two, details about which are still a little hazy at the moment.

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Red One, releasing on Prime Video on Christmas 2023

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