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‘I felt like I was just watching a propaganda film’: Brad Pitt Subtly Dissed Tom Cruise While Blasting Mel Gibson’s $612M Movie That’s Set to Get a Sequel

'I felt like I was just watching a propaganda film': Brad Pitt Subtly Dissed Tom Cruise While Blasting Mel Gibson's $612M Movie That's Set to Get a Sequel

Brad Pitt, renowned for his acting prowess, is also known for being vocal about films and the industry. He is an artist who values artistic integrity and is unafraid to express his opinions openly. However, he might have taken a subtle dig at Tom Cruise while doing so.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Pitt has been a proponent of thought-provoking and socially relevant storytelling. He has been involved in projects that tackle important issues, such as war, social justice, and environmental concerns. His vocal nature extends beyond his performances; he actively engages in discussions about the impact and power of cinema. The actor once called out Mel Gibson’s film for spreading propaganda.

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Why Brad Pitt Call Mel Gibson’s Movie A Propaganda Film

In a conversation published in the New York Times Style Magazine, award-winning author Marlon James engaged in discussion with actor Brad Pitt, revealing intriguing insights in an article titled Five or Six Things I Didn’t Know About Brad Pitt. During the interview, Pitt expressed his desire to create a film centered around the historical figure of Pontius Pilate, emphasizing that the project would not cater to the same audience as Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ.

Mel Gibson
A still from The Passion of the Christ

As James shared his personal experience of being driven away from the church after watching The Passion of the Christ, Pitt responded with laughter, “I felt like I was just watching an L. Ron Hubbard propaganda film.” However, Pitt acknowledged Gibson’s talent for portraying violence exceptionally well, praising his 2006 film Apocalypto as a remarkable piece of cinema.

The interview shed light on Pitt’s perspective on religious-themed films, showcasing his candid and nuanced opinions while offering intriguing glimpses into his interests and creative aspirations.

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Did Brad Pitt Take A Subtle Dig At Tome Cruise

While Brad Pitt did not take Tom Cruise’s name during the interview, his comment about L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Church of Scientology, might have been on similar lines. Tom Cruise has long been associated with the Church of Scientology, a controversial religious organization. Cruise’s connection with Scientology is widely known, and he has been an outspoken advocate for its teachings and practices. 

Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise
Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise

Cruise credits Scientology with helping him overcome personal challenges and achieve success in his career. Cruise’s involvement with the church has made headlines and sparked discussions about the influence of Scientology in Hollywood. While Cruise’s allegiance to Scientology is a well-known aspect of his public image, it remains a topic of intrigue and debate among both his fans and critics.

Tom Cruise’s deep connection with the Church of Scientology has been a defining aspect of his public persona. He has actively promoted Scientology’s principles and has credited the religion for his personal growth. Despite controversies surrounding the organization, Cruise’s unwavering loyalty to Scientology remains a subject of fascination and speculation. 

The Passion of the Christ is available for streaming on Tubi.

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