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“I figured I’d stick it out”: Angelina Jolie Had Given Up on Life as Actress Hired Hitman to End Her Own Misery at 22 to Avoid Committing Suicide, Later Become Hollywood’s Queen With $120M Fortune

“I figured I’d stick it out”: Angelina Jolie Had Given Up on Life as Actress Hired Hitman to End Her Own Misery at 22 to Avoid Committing Suicide, Later Become Hollywood’s Queen With $120M Fortune

Angelina Jolie is a name that needs no introduction in Hollywood. She is one of the most recognized and accomplished actresses in the industry, with a net worth of $120 million. However, behind the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Jolie’s life has been filled with struggles, particularly when it comes to her mental health. She has been very open about her struggles with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues throughout her life.

Jolie’s darkest moment came when she was just 22 years old, and she made the decision to hire a hitman to end her life.

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

From Self-Harm to Stardom: Angelina Jolie’s Journey with Mental Health

Angelina Jolie‘s struggles with mental health began when she was a teenager. She felt isolated and turned to self-harm as a coping mechanism. She later said:

“For some reason, the ritual of having cut myself and feeling the pain, maybe feeling alive, feeling some kind of release, it was somehow therapeutic to me.”

Young Angelina Jolie
Young Angelina Jolie

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Later, when her acting career began to take off, the scrutiny of the limelight only enhanced her existing struggles. She turned to drugs as a way to cope with the stress and pressure, with heroin becoming her drug of choice.

Jolie’s relationship with her father, Jon Voight, was already strained, but her drug use pushed them even further apart. The two had a tumultuous relationship that played out in the public eye, with periods of estrangement and reconciliation. At age 19, Jolie attempted suicide for the first time.

Angelina Jolie’s Near-Death Experience: How She Found Hope in the Darkest of Moments

Angelina Jolie’s darkest moment came at age 22 when she decided to hire a hitman to end her own life. She reasoned that if someone else took her life, it would be considered murder, and no one would feel guilty for not doing enough to prevent her death. Jolie even went so far as to hire a contract killer and planned to withdraw cash over time to avoid suspicion. She said to IMDB in a past interview.

“This is going to sound insane but there was a time I was going to hire somebody to kill me. With suicide comes all the guilt of people around you thinking they could have done something,”

Jolie added.

”With somebody being murdered, nobody takes some kind of guilty responsibility.”

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Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

However, something surprising happened. The hitman had a change of heart and convinced Jolie to reconsider her decision. He suggested that she wait two months and think about it. Jolie’s life changed during that time, and she decided to continue living. The Eternals star later said that

“He was a decent enough person and asked if I could think about it and call him again in two months. Something changed in my life and I figured I’d stick it out.”

The impact of this experience on Angelina Jolie’s mental health cannot be understated. She suffered a nervous breakdown at age 24 and continued to struggle with depression and anxiety for years. However, when she had her first child, Jolie found the stability in her life that she had always craved.

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Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s story is a reminder of the importance of mental health awareness and support. It is also a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Jolie has since gone on to become a successful actress, humanitarian, and mother. She has used her platform to speak out about mental health and to advocate for those who are struggling. Jolie’s journey is a reminder that even in our darkest moments, there is hope for a brighter future.

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