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“I got a lot of guns in here”: Dwayne Johnson Invites Fresh New Controversy By Making Insensitive Joke After Being Pulled Over by the Cops

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Dwayne Johnson isn’t a man who has shied away from controversies. Just last year, the producer, actor, and ex-professional wrestler was the talk of town post the failure of Black Adam to strike lightning at the box office. But now, the star isn’t in the headlines for his movie commitments, but because of an interaction with a police officer that had him flexing his guns.

Dwayne Johnson Gets Into A Scuffle With The Police 

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

In a video uploaded to his TikTok account, Dwayne Johnson can be seen getting pulled over outside the XFL Stadium by some police officers on February 22. He is asked to open his car doors by the officers and in response, the celeb says that he has guns with him. Here’s how the interaction went:

“Can you please do me a favor and put in park for me and make sure the doors are unlocked?” the officer said.

The Rock responded with, “I can, and I got a lot of guns in here,” and then he delivered the punchline of the joke by flexing his big biceps and saying “These kind.”

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Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam

The cop who pulled him over laughed at the joke as The Rock said that he knows it was a cheesy joke. The Hercules star explained:

“There’s always room for a cheesy joke, I know. You’re welcome. Absolutely horrible joke, but impeccable timing. You’re welcome. XFL game day rollin’ up to the stadium. All love, gratitude and respect for our men and women keeping us all safe.”

This was a lighthearted moment full of puns that got fans of the action star laughing in the comments. But not all controversies of the former DC star are this playful, especially the one last year when he was accused of using Henry Cavill as a pawn to control DC.

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Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam Controversy 

Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill
Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill

In an article by The Hollywood Reporter, the outlet accused the Hollywood star of trying to control a part of DC through Henry Cavill. The site reported that Johnson urged Warner Bros. executives to bring back the Man of Steel actor for a cameo in Black Adam, a movie he wanted to use to jumpstart his own corner of the DC universe. During the promotional tour of the film, Johnson repeatedly hyped up a confrontation between the titular character and Cavill’s Superman in a DC film down the line.

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However, all those plans fell apart when the film grossed just $389 million globally on a budget of more than $200 million. As such, Cavill was ultimately left in a lurch where he had announced his return via an Instagram video, but then had to embarrassingly retract that statement when James Gunn made it clear that he wasn’t returning as Superman in his new DCU. The site reported:

“In the end, he was a pawn in Dwayne’s failed attempt to control a piece of DC.”

However, not just Cavill, even Johnson had to depart the DC universe. It’s unknown if he will return as Black Adam in Gunn’s DCverse, but fans would love to see the man in black upend the hierarchy of the DC superhero world again.

Source: Tiktok

Written by Ishita Chatterjee

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