“I got chills”: Chadwick Boseman’s Presence in Black Panther Had His Co-star in Goosebumps After Watching Actor in an Iconic Scene

Daniel Kaluuya was in awe of Chadwick Boseman when the latter walked out of a waterfall

“I got chills”: Chadwick Boseman’s Presence in Black Panther Had His Co-star in Goosebumps After Watching Actor in an Iconic Scene


  • Daniel Kaluuya was in awe of Chadwick Boseman while filming Black Panther
  • The actor mentions a scene where Boseman comes out of a waterfall to fight with Erik Killmonger.
  • Chadwick Boseman’s legacy lives on in his movies and the people he worked with.
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Chadwick Boseman may have left this world, but the legacy he has left behind will not be forgotten any time soon. With his incredible talent and extraordinary willpower to have gone through his illness and still perform spectacularly for the big screens, the late beloved actor has left nothing short of a legendary legacy behind him which not only leaves his fans in awe, but his co-stars as well.

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman

Just like the one time Boseman’s co-star Daniel Kaluuya was shooting Black Panther with him, and couldn’t help but stare in complete awe with goosebumps up his arms during one of the most iconic scenes in the film, where the late legend came out of the waterfall, looking breathtaking.

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Chadwick Boseman Had Daniel Kaluuya In Complete Awe During Black Panther

Daniel Kaluuya with Chadwick Boseman
Daniel Kaluuya with Chadwick Boseman

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Everyone remembers what a tremendous scene it was in Black Panther where Erik Killmonger played by Michael B. Jordan, fights T’Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, for the throne of Wakanda. During that, Boseman had to step out of the waterfall.

While that scene had taken several fans’ breaths away, so was the case with the people on the sets. Appearing on an Actors on Actors episode by Variety, Daniel Kaluuya, who starred as W’Kabi in the film, shared how he got goosebumps when that scene was being shot:


“I keep saying this: there was a time when Chad [Chadwick Boseman] came out. He was in the waterfall scene and he came out. I can’t say what happens, but he was walking out into the waterfall and I got chills.”

Since the interview was from before Black Panther was even released, thus, Daniel Kaluuya couldn’t share more spoilers of the remarkable scene. However, he did go ahead to let out what an amazing experience he had while shooting one of the best Marvel films of all time.

“It was great. It’s crazy man. It’s just so crazy, bro,” Kaluuya said, adding, “No, but it was like a massive set piece and it was just so special to be a part of.”

This only shows what a sublime place Chadwick Boseman had established in not only his fans’ but his co-stars’ hearts as well.

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Chadwick Boseman May Have Left This World But His Legacy Will Remain Forever

Chadwick Boseman
Chadwick Boseman

The late luminary may have left the world a bit too early, but a long time will pass before anyone can forget him, thanks to the spectacular legacy he has left behind. Not only has Boseman been widely praised for Black Panther among his other works, but he has also made SAG Awards history by scoring four nominations in one year — something only a legend can do.

During another interview with Complex in 2022 after the great icon’s passing away two years prior, Daniel Kaluuya shared some really heartfelt experiences he had with Boseman. He said:

“Chad was a light. And he was a leader… I remember when he was doing [Black] Panther, and I was starting [with the] press and he just pulled me to the side and like, dropped things like [what to do and what not to do.] He was playing Black Panther, he didn’t have time for that. Understanding the weight and when I got on set and understanding what those Marvel films are and the demand that they have on your body — for him to just offer that was just incredibly amazing.”

He further went on to express how much more praiseworthy it was because the late star never let anyone know about what he was going through and suffered alone while keeping everyone around him the happiest that he could.


“To know that he was going through what he was going through throughout it? I’ve never seen anyone work that hard in my life on set, let alone going through the illness that he was going through. He just gave everything. He gave everything to us. He gave all that he could. He didn’t let what he was experiencing stop us from experiencing him. I mean, it’s incredible. We lost a titan. We lost a real titan and an incredible human being away from his work who shared a lot of his light and his love.”

Chadwick Boseman fought hard against colon cancer until the 28th of August, 2020, when he finally gave up fighting and left this world peacefully. 


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