“I got goosebumps”: Emily Rudd Fights Back Tears Watching Shanks’ Most Badas* Moment From Netflix’s One Piece Live Action

"I got goosebumps": Emily Rudd Fights Back Tears Watching Shanks' Most Badas* Moment From Netflix's One Piece Live Action
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Netflix’s One Piece Live Action is a breath of fresh air for everyone who loves to watch web series. Netflix has tons of shows, but One Piece was something out of the box. Even the anime fans loved it since it is a rare incident of an anime live adaptation seeing the face of success. The cast and crew, along with Eiichiro Oda, worked hard to put up a show of a lifetime for the fandom.


The real-life Strawhats are busy promoting their show. Netflix releases promotional videos for promotion. In one of those videos, the cast reacted to the best moments from the series. Emily Rudd, who played Nami, was holding back her tears while reacting to a certain moment. Since then, the fans have been wanting to know what made her so emotional.

Emily Rudd Reacts To Shanks’ Best Moment From One Piece Live Action

Emily Rudd
Emily Rudd

Recently, the One Piece Live Action cast reacted to the best moments from the show, hosted by Netflix. One of the moments featured Shanks saving Monkey D. Luffy from the sea monster. The sea monster tore off Shanks’ left arm. Shanks then used his Conqueror’s Haki and told the creature to get lost. Due to Shanks being powerful, the sea monster got afraid and left. It was such a badas* moment.

Shanks Most Badass Moment
Shanks’ Most Badas* Moment

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To this, Emily Rudd was left stunned. She said, “I got, I got goosebumps.”After the whole cast reacted to the intense video, Emily Rudd was seen to have watery eyes. It looked like she was trying very hard to hold back her tears. The only thing she could say was, “Aww”. This moment did not go unnoticed by the fans. The scene deeply moved Emily Rudd.

Emily Rudd Is A Huge One Piece Fan

Emily Rudd is a huge fan of One Piece. She loves anime and tries to stay updated on the otaku culture. Rudd is such a weeb that she saw Spirited Away in theatres when it was first released in the USA. She also had Pokemon cards and had a GameBoy. Demon Slayer is the most recent anime that she watched. Out of the whole One Piece Live Action cast and crew, only the showrunner, Matt Owens, is a bigger One Piece nerd than her.

One Piece
One Piece

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She also had the chance to meet Eiichiro Oda during the shoot. Being such a hardcore anime fan, she was bound to get emotional when Shanks lost his arm. It was a defining moment in Monkey D. Luffy’s life. Emily Rudd has finished reading the One Piece manga, and now she is re-reading it. Rudd somehow controlled herself during the Shanks saving Luffy moment. If this keeps going on, Shanks stopping the Paramount War will make her use the whole tissue box.

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