“I got sucked into a video game”: Jeff Bridges Shamelessly Wasted His Time on Set Playing Arcade Video Games While Filming 1982 Movie

Jeff Bridges Shamelessly Wasted His Time on Set Playing Arcade Video Games While Filming 1982 Movie
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The Dude, Jeff Bridges was among the pioneers to venture into the world of video game adaptations with the 1982 film Tron. While recent years have seen a massive surge in video game adaptations gracing movie and television screens, Tron holds a special place in history as one of the earliest entries into this exciting genre. During The Hollywood Reporter’s Drama Actor’s roundtable talk, the actor candidly revealed, that he was absolutely hooked on the video game while filming the movie, which accounted for a funny moment.

Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges

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Jeff Bridges Was Hooked to the Video Game While Filming Tron

Though The Big Lebowski is undeniably his most iconic role, it wasn’t until he clinched an Oscar for his performance in Crazy Heart that the beloved actor Jeff Bridges began receiving fame and recognition. Hailing from a family of accomplished actors, Bridges carved out his unique path all by himself. Although the actor has been a part of a variety of diverse projects, Tron, was the first of its species. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, and discussing video games with fellow guest Pedro Pascal, Bridges revealed an interesting story,


“I got sucked into a video game, Tron,” 

Jeff Bridges in Tron
Jeff Bridges in Tron

He then fondly reminisced about the fun days spent filming the movie and indulging in video games on set. He revealed that the environment was brimming with arcade games, and he couldn’t help himself but play like a manic all in the name of “preparation” for his role.

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How Tron Change Hollywood

In the year 1982, the concept of what computers are capable of doing was very limited in the public’s mind. And were most famous among the younger demographics for playing classic games like Space Invaders and Pac-Man. However, during that summer, Tron took the world by surprise and shattered these preconceptions.

1982 film Tron
Tron (1982)

While Tron may not be considered a timeless classic in terms of entertainment value, it was responsible for paving the way for the technologies now in use. The movie still stands as the proud pioneer in the visual effects department. It holds the distinction of being the first film to incorporate extensive sequences of entirely CGI for 15 minutes straight. This groundbreaking achievement left audiences in awe, as they had never witnessed anything quite like it before. As John Lasseter once stated,

“Without Tron there would be no Toy Story.”

Thanks to Tron, the world of cinema continues to experiment and excel in pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling, embracing innovative technologies, and exploring new frontiers in the digital realm.

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Tron is available on Disney+ to stream.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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