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“I got the ancestry test done”: Jennifer Lawrence is surprisingly related to Jeremy Renner

Jennifer Lawrence is surprisingly related to Jeremy Renner

Doesn’t it just feel unreal when someone that you have never met in your entire life just happens to be related to you in some way? You’re minding your own business and suddenly you find out that that man/woman is your long-lost cousin! It’s a rare experience you have when you meet a relative you’ve seen for the first time or a complete stranger!

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

Well sometimes, there are instances where famous celebrities have found out that they were related to each other, and it’s been a shocker to the world.

One such instance was when during a Wired interview, a popular X-Men star revealed that she was related to a well-known Avengers star, which was a shock and a welcome surprise to the world!

Jeremy Renner And Jennifer Lawrence Are Related!

In an interview with Wired in 2016, while Jennifer Lawrence and Chirs Pratt were on their promotional campaign for their then-upcoming Passengers film, the duo had been asked for an interview by Wired to personally answer the internet’s most searched questions about them, and during one such question, Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she was actually related to the Avengers’ Hawkeye actor Jeremy Renner.

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This revelation was a shock to Lawrence as well. She said that “I am actually – fun fact – related to Jeremy Renner. That is true. Somebody did an ancestry report on him and it turns out we’re like third cousins or something.” It turned out that the people at Ancestry did a background check of Renner’s family tree, and it turned out that Jennifer Lawrence is Jeremy Renner’s once-removed fifth cousin!

This was something that fans were not expecting, even going so far as to call it fate. As fans might know, Jennifer Lawrence plays Raven In the X-Men series and Jeremy Renner plays Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, both of which are prominent characters in Marvel Comics. They both compared them to the superhero duos of the MCU, and with us getting rumors that the X-Men might be getting incorporated into the MCU in the near future, fans are hinging their hopes on the possibility to see them in action together.

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Will We See Them Together In The MCU?

Who Played Mystique Better Rebecca Romijn Or Jennifer Lawrence
Mystiques in the previous X-Men films

As of the moment, we have little official news about the X-Men’s incorporation into the MCU, but there have been talks about the revival of the X-men franchise, which can be a greater possibility as Disney acquired 20th Century Fox on 20th March 2019, which gave them implied rights to the X-men franchise as well. Unfortunately, it seems like Jennifer Lawrence might not return to play the role of Mystique in the upcoming films due to personal reasons.

But, nothing is set in stone, so let’s keep hoping that we see them together someday.

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Source: Ancestry

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