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“I guess he doesn’t speak for Native Youth anymore”: Jason Momoa Gets Blasted for Praising Ezra Miller Despite The Flash Star Accused of Grooming Standing Rock Child Activist as Hollywood Shamelessly Defends Actor

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Jason Momoa was a supporter and a voice for the Native Youth in The United States of America for a while now. However, his recent support for Ezra Miller has led him to receive a lot of hate from his fans. With The Flash almost being released, fans are both excited to see what the movie holds and worried to know whether or not Warner Bros. Discovery and the DC Universe would decide to keep Miller.

Fast and Furious 10: Jason Momoa in Talks to Star in Villain Role – The Hollywood Reporter
Jason Momoa

The actor has been accused of multiple felonies along with being labeled as a groomer and a p*dophile. Although there has still been no action taken against them in the Hollywood industry, especially by the DCU. Momoa’s support for their upcoming movie and praise for Miller has only resulted in him also receiving hate.

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Jason Momoa Appreciated Ezra Miller And The Flash 

Seeing that Ezra Miller‘s standalone movie is almost about to be released, the hype for it from WBD and the DCU’s side is only increasing. While the audience is against it due to the multiple allegations against the actor, the franchise is doing its best to promote the movie. Jason Momoa also appreciated the movie and how well of a job Miller has done in it.

Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller with Jason Momoa

This did not sit well with the fans as he has often stood up for the Native Youth and Native Americans. He supported Standing Rock and was involved in becoming a beacon of hope for them. For them, this reality came crashing down as Ezra Miller is allegedly responsible for grooming a Standing Rock child activist. For the fans, Momoa was no longer someone who the children would look up to. Instead, he very quickly became turned into someone the audience was disappointed by. The actor who back in 2016 had been a heavy supporter of the Native Youth now praised the same person who was allegedly responsible for p*dophilia and grooming someone who was actively fighting for Standing Rock.

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Fans Share Their Dismay With Jason Momoa

Ezra Miller Back On 'The Flash' Set Amid Controversies
Ezra Miller

Fans seem to be extremely disappointed by Jason Momoa and his appreciation of Miller. While some wonder whether or not WBD and DCU paid him to praise the movie.

Even if fans wish to give him the benefit of the doubt, it seems to be difficult for them to side with him. Ezra Miller has been on top of the list of controversial actors and is constantly being boycotted. However, with the stance that Momoa has taken as of late, it seems as if the sequel to Aquaman may also end up facing just as many problems if not more than it already is due to the involvement of Amber Heard.

The Flash will be available to watch in theatres from 16th June 2023.

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