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“I had a real meltdown, had to go lie down”: Emma Stone Was Scared of Filming Romantic Scene With Ryan Gosling Because of Her Phobia

emma watson and ryan gosling

Making her Hollywood debut in 2007, Emma Stone is one of the most famous and recognized actresses in the film industry. Throughout her career, the Cruella actress has showcased her versatility in numerous genres of films and received numerous awards for her roles in the movies.

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Emma Stone

The actress has worked with some of the most renowned actors like Steve Carrell, Andrew Garfield, Sean Penn, and many more. The actress has a cheerful personality, which makes her a great co-star to work with. However, Ryan Gosling felt extremely uncomfortable while shooting a scene for Crazy, Stupid, Love, because Emma Stone had a meltdown because of her phobia.

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Emma Stone Had a Meltdown During the Remake of an Iconic Scene

The main cast of Crazy, Stupid, Love was present on The Graham Norton Show, the host asked how Gosling and Stone failed to remake Dirty Dancing’s iconic lifting scene. During the interview, the actress explained that she had developed a phobia as a kid, as she fell from 6 feet, breaking both of her arms at the same time, and left her traumatized.

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone
Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone

“When I was about seven years old. I was in gymnastics class, and i was on these parallel bars that were about 6 feet off the ground. And I was standing on top of these bars, and the teacher was holding me by the ankles, and somehow or other she let go. And I was standing on this bar and I felt myself beginning to tip forward and I put my arms like this, and fell six feet to the ground.”

“Years later, When we do Crazy, Stupid, Love, I know that we’re gonna do the Dirty Dancing lift. I don’t know, however, that I have an internalized phobia of being lifted over someone’s head at the height of about 6 feet.”

The actress then asked Ryan Gosling what happened when they first tried the iconic lift, and he shared his experience in an extremely amusing manner.

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A still from Crazy, Stupid, Love

“I never had this happen, but I imagine if a possum fell out of a tree and tried to scratch your eyes out, it would be something similar.”

After they tried the lift, the actress was petrified as “it was a lot” for her, then “I had a real meltdown…I had to go lie down.” 

Even though she had a tough time in the movie, the audience loved it as the film was amazing and had a star-studded cast with great character writing. Moreover, the plot of the film was at a perfect pace showcasing elements of romance and humor at the perfect timing, which went well with the film. But mostly due to the chemistry of Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone’s on-screen chemistry.

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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling’s On-Screen Chemistry in Crazy, Stupid, Love

While Crazy, Stupid, Love was full of a stellar cast, a strong plot, and a perfect mix of different genres that was told at a perfect pace. However, the on-screen chemistry between Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone stood out as it was full of playful teasing and full of wit, and warmth.

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A still from Crazy, Stupid, Love

Moreover, their interactions felt natural, which made the viewers enjoy the film even more. Moreover, the flirtatious moments between the two were extremely enjoyable to watch, and it made Gosling Hollywood’s heartthrob. Due to its unique approach and out-of-the-box plot, this movie is one of the best and a must-watch for movie connoisseurs.

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Crazy, Stupid, Love can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: The Graham Norton Show


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