“I had an advantage”: $34M Movie With Marvel Star Was a Deadly Double-Edged Sword for Tom Hanks’ Career

"I had an advantage": $34M Movie With Marvel Star Was a Deadly Double-Edged Sword for Tom Hanks' Career

Tom Hanks has graced a diverse array of films, some earning acclaim while others faced criticism. However, there exists a singular film experience that proved so mentally taxing it fundamentally altered his perspective on the art of acting.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

Much like numerous actors, Hanks developed a passion for his craft during his formative years. The Academy Award winner disclosed that while his upbringing was generally wholesome, there were moments of solitude, particularly since he was an only child. His father, a chef who frequently changed jobs and residences during Hanks’ youth, played a role in fostering this sense of isolation.

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Tom Hanks Thought He Changed After This Film

Tom Hanks has left his mark on the film industry not only as an actor but also as a director. The renowned star of Forrest Gump ventured into directing and screenwriting with the 1996 comedy That Thing You Do!, starring Liv Tyler. In this movie, Hanks took on the role of a music manager who guides a local band to achieve extraordinary fame.

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Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

Hanks had much riding on this film, understanding that its production owed a great deal to his celebrity status at the time. He also realized that the success of the movie would determine the fate of his directing career; a lackluster performance could have curtailed it prematurely.

“I’ll admit I had an advantage,” he once told The Virginia Pilot. “If my name had been Tom Smith, they might not have read it. But if it goes smackeroo, flop, you won’t see me directing anything else. You don’t get a second chance.”

Yet, juggling both the roles of director and actor in this endeavor exacted a toll on Hanks. He encountered the demanding and extended work hours typical of a filmmaker, occasionally leading to a less than sunny disposition.

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Tom Hanks Was Very Disappointed By The Film

The majority of That Thing You Do!  triumph unfolded through VHS and DVD sales, as its theatrical release fell short in terms of financial performance. With a meager $25 million in domestic earnings and $8.7 million internationally, the movie didn’t meet Hanks’ expectations, despite his pride in the project.

Tom Hanks
Tom Hanks

“Everybody wants their movie to cause fistfights and riots and make history. I knew it wasn’t going to do that, but I was disappointed. You don’t want a movie to do OK and peter out, which is what it did. We had a three-star movie but we didn’t do three-star business,” he said in an interview with The Ringer.

However, this setback didn’t entirely deter Hanks’ aspirations as a director. Years later, he would go on to direct the romantic comedy Larry Crowne, in which he also shared the screen with Julia Roberts.

That Thing You Do! can be streamed on Fubo TV.

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Source: The Virginian Pilot

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