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“I had my first kissing scenes with her”: Ron Howard Mourns Cindy Williams, Best Known for Happy Days and American Graffiti, After Passing Away at 75

“I had my first kissing scenes with her”: Ron Howard Mourns Cindy Williams, Best Known for Happy Days and American Graffiti, After Passing Away at 75

Ron Howard is a well-known American director, producer, and actor, and was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 2013. Howard rose to prominence by gaining public attention by starring as a child actor. The Willow star continued as an actor in his early career but began to shift his focus to the direction in the latter phase of his career and won Oscars for Best Director for his contributions to A Beautiful Mind. Howard opened up about the death of her beloved co-star Cindy Williams.

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Ron Howard
Ron Howard

Cindy William’s Death Has Shocked Ron Howard

Cindy Williams is a veteran American actress, best known for her contributions to Happy Days and  Laverne & Shirley. Williams shockingly died at the age of 75 after a brief illness on January 25, 2023. Howard starred alongside Williams in the 1973 film American Graffiti, shared her condolences to The Conversation actress, and shared how they both had a beautiful relationship on both personal and professional mediums, while he talked about his last meet with his beloved co-star.

“I’m shocked because I hadn’t seen her for years and years. We connected at an event in Palm Springs last year, and I was just so taken by how her intelligence, energy, and sense of humor…was still in high gear. And so it’s really a shock to imagine that spark is gone.”

Ron Howard shared that he shared his first on-screen kissing scene with her and added the Happy Days star made him comfortable during the scenes. Both the stars worked in multiple projects yet the late actress never stopped to pamper the A Beautiful Mind director.

“In American Graffiti, she was 24 and I was 18, and I had my first kissing scenes with her, but they weren’t very romantic because she knew that she had this nervous kid on her hands and she had to take charge of the situation. And so she was like, ‘Here’s how we got to kiss for the camera. Here’s what we have to do.’ She’s always had almost a big sister energy around me. We wound up over a period of about five years working together a lot, being cast in other comedies, and dramas. The Laverne & Shirley spinoff from Happy Days, it was so interesting. We had terrific acting chemistry, but she always treated me like the kid.”

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Ron Howard and Cindy Williams in American Graffiti
Ron Howard and Cindy Williams in American Graffiti

Ron Howard’s True Admiration For Cindy Williams

Howard opened up on Williams’s great sense of humor which always took him by surprise. The Happy Days star shared his true admiration and respect for his late co-star and passed on her wish that she would definitely love if the audience will recall and enjoy her work even after her death.

“She loved her work and her art and gave it everything that she had, and she also always found her way to put her stamp on what she was doing. She really was dedicated creatively, and I took notice of that and tried to draw inspiration from it. I think she’d like to be remembered for the variety of roles that she played. Even though she was the most famous for Shirley…she also thought of herself as a character actress. I think she’d want people to think of her in that way. I’m glad to be able to comment on her life because she lived it with a lot of integrity, I’ve always respected her.”

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Cindy Williams
Cindy Williams

Ron Howard was shocked by the sudden death of his co-star and mourned for her friend’s soul, reminiscing the time spent they spent together. The duo was loved by the audience, for delivering some of the finest work of their age, which will surely be loved and remembered by fans over time.

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