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“I had nightmares the whole time”: Christian Bale’s Role as Jesus Had the Actor Screaming in Terror While Having the Best Time in ‘American Psycho’

Christian Bale’s Role as Jesus Had the Actor Screaming in Terror While Having the Best Time in ‘American Psycho’

To this day, Christian Bale’s performance in American Psycho remains the best depiction of a disturbing yet iconic character. Playing the role of Patrick Bateman, the Adonis-looking serial killer, Bale took a brave step in his career, when he signed the controversial role. However, while the world finds it disturbing, the actor apparently had a great time while filming.

Christian Bale
Christian Bale

Disclosing how he found his career-changing role as Patrick Bateman quite comfortable and easy to shoot, Christian Bale recalled a different project that gave him sleepless nights. Claiming how he had nightmares after shooting a particular TV show, Bale claimed American Psycho was a way better experience for him. 

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Christian Bale Enjoyed His Controversial Role In American Psycho

Christian Bale has several acclaimed projects under his belt, but nothing makes him more proud than his iconic role as Patrick Bateman. Determined to play the controversial character of a serial killer in American Psycho, Bale went through rigorous training and transformation. Eventually, the movie turned into his ticket to becoming a mainstream actor. 

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Christian Bale in American Psycho
Christian Bale in American Psycho

However, there is no denying that the actor faced a lot of hiccups initially when he decided to play the role. With people doubting his potential and others simply advising him to stay away from the project, considering that it might be bad for his career, Bale proved everyone wrong when he got the part. 

Christian Bale
Christian Bale faced several challenges before his role as Patrick Bateman

Eventually, when the movie was released audiences were stunned to witness the British actor delivering such a riveting performance. Although the movie became a bit controversial, considering its take on serial killers, Christian Bale mentioned enjoying filming. Shocking everyone with his reply, the actor mentioned how easy it was for him to tap into the character. 

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Christian Bale Had Nightmares After Playing The Role Of Jesus 

During his discussion with Entertainment Weekly, Christian Bale disclosed his experience of filming American Psycho. When asked if he felt uncomfortable while portraying Patrick Bateman, the actor claimed there was another role that wrecked him in a worse way than American Psycho could ever do. 

I can’t say I felt queasy once making this movie… I slept really well.” 

Christian Bale
Bale had a great experience filming American Psycho

Getting deeper into the conversation, Christian Bale recalled the other project that gave him sleepless nights. Recalling the time when he played the role of Jesus in a TV show, Bale mentioned having nightmares about it. However, the actor mentioned that nothing such happened while shooting American Psycho

Christian Bale
Bale’s role as Jesus in Mary, Mother of Jesus gave him nightmares

I played Jesus in this TV thing [NBC’s ”Mary, Mother of Jesus”] after doing ”American Psycho” — I had nightmares the whole time, like I haven’t had since I was 10 years old. Sitting up in bed, sweating. Stigmata nightmares…I was waking up going ”Aaaaaahh!” — rubbing my palms in the middle of the night, heart going. But Patrick Bateman? Nothing.” 

Although American Psycho didn’t damage Christian Bale mentally, it certainly took a toll on the audience. Watching such a grisly performance, viewers clearly had nightmares, if not the actor. 


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Source: Entertainment Weekly 


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