“I had s*x a few years later, It was close”: Will Smith Strongly Feels $10.3B Franchise Movie is Better Than S*x

"I had s*x a few years later, It was close": Will Smith Strongly Feels $10.3B Franchise Movie is Better Than S*x
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Will Smith has never held back from grabbing attention for a variety of reasons. Over the years, the beloved celebrity has been quite transparent, often spilling some of his deepest secrets in front of the public. 


Well, his fans have learned a lot about his personal life over the years—possibly too much at times. However, there has never been any question about the 54-year-old actor’s commitment to his work and his devoted fans.

Smith gives everything to whatever he does, and the fact that his success speaks volumes about the amount of effort he puts into his work. Therefore, his admission that watching a specific blockbuster franchise had a significant impact on him, puts much of his film career into perspective.

Will Smith
Will Smith (Source- Instagram)

In fact, he claimed that watching this blockbuster movie was far better than having s*x. Well, now we can say that the Suicide Squad star was seriously affected by this movie.

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Which Blockbuster Franchise Changed Will Smith’s Life?  

Will Smith‘s career has experienced its fair share of setbacks, most notably 1999s Wild Wild West, but he has also starred in a number of blockbusters that are still widely watched today. He demonstrates both his acting versatility and box office clout in the films- I Am Legend, Hitch, and The Pursuit of Happyness.


The actor and his dedication have also won him his first Academy Award in 2022 for King Richard.

Given ‌the number of successful films he has made, the actor’s admirers may be interested in learning more about his approach to his acting career. In 2017, Smith appeared at San Diego Comic-Con to discuss his Netflix film Bright (reported by Time).

Which Blockbuster Film Changed Will Smith’s Life?  
Which Blockbuster Film Changed Will Smith’s Life?

And while doing so, he disclosed to the franchise that, when he was a young boy, completely changed his life.


“When Star Wars came out, there weren’t special effects. You couldn’t do that. So we were just completely blown away. For my entire life, I’ve been chasing trying to give that feeling to fans. … There was nothing that I had experienced in my life that matched that point of ecstasy. I had s*x a few years later. It was close, but no Star Wars.”

The Aladdin actor’s emphasis on how much Star Wars had affected him may have been an attempt to appease the audience. 

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How Much Has Star Wars Affected Will Smith?

Will Smith has devoted his career to trying to awe audiences in the same way that George Lucas‘s Star Wars epic space opera multimedia franchise moved him. 


The Men in Black actor has a deep love for science fiction. In fact, it was so profound that he once compared it to his first experience. Smith has appeared in a number of sci-fi movies, including I Am Legend, I Robot, Men in Black, and Bright. Who knew, though, that his love of science fiction dates back to his youth?

Will Smith young
A young Will Smith

During a press conference at the Los Angeles press day, the King Richard actor shared his first experience with his favorite science fiction franchise.

“Star Wars was the movie, when I was growing up, where I was absolutely stunned. After Star Wars ended, I couldn’t believe that they could make me feel like that, with a story and with these characters.

The father of three further added:


“Career wise, the things that I’ve been chasing are Star Wars and Thriller. Those are the two pieces of entertainment that I’ve always been hoping to make something like, that matches for others how I felt, when I experienced those.”

How Much Has Star Wars Affected Will Smith?
How Much Has Star Wars Affected Will Smith?

Even though Star Wars sets a high standard, many of Smith’s movies have also remained relevant since their release. Due to the size of its visuals and the large ensemble cast coming together to face a single threat, Independence Day in particular became a phenomenon upon release.

Well, Star Wars is streaming on Disney Plus and DIRECTV. 

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Source- TIME


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