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“I had to be gorgeous all the time, a real Barbie role”: Thandie Newton Did Not Like the Pressure to Look Good in Tom Cruise’s $549 Million Action Movie

"I had to be gorgeous all the time, a real Barbie role": Thandie Newton Did Not Like the Pressure to Look Good in Tom Cruise's $549 Million Action Movie

Tom Cruise is one of the most dedicated actors in the film industry, and numerous actors want to work alongside him because of his preparation and commitment to his roles. Not to say these movies do not enjoy Box Office success due to his global fandom. However, Thandie Newton was not thrilled to work alongside Cruise that too in Mission: Impossible, his most popular franchise.

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The cast of Mission Impossible 2

Thandie Newton, who was part of the second installment of the franchise, was loved by the fans of the spy movie. While the actress enjoyed being a part of the franchise, she was unhappy because of the emphasis she had to give to her looks throughout the film.

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Thandie Newton Did Not Have A Great Experience Filming Mission: Impossible 2

During an interview with The Telegraph, the Mission: Impossible 2 actress stated that even though she knew Tom Cruise, it was her first time working with him. And growing up, she was a huge fan of the Top Gun actor. While on the sets of the film, Thandie Newton explained she could feel the actor’s presence even when he was absent.

Thandie Newton
Thandie Newton

“You could practically feel Tom’s glow before he arrived on-set. And I mean that with reverence. I had posters of Top Gun on my wall. He’s a presence.”

While the actor was in awe working with her idol, she did not have a great time working on the set of Mission: Impossible 2 because she was constantly told to be “gorgeous all the time” as if she were a “Barbie.”

“I mean, I had to be gorgeous all the time. A sassy, fabulous minx. A real Barbie role.”

Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2
Thandie Newton and Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2

Moreover, the Good Deed actress had another bizarre experience from the film where she had to shoot an intimate scene with Tom Cruise, which distracted her a lot as the actor was seemingly enjoying the scene.

“But then, there was the love scene between Tom and I, where we were in bed all day. We laughed till we cried. As soon as he got into the bed, I thought he was really aroused. It was terrifying. He was wearing one of those modesty cups. And it was massive. It was almost more distracting than if he’d actually had an erection. Which I certainly didn’t expect him to have – I’ve never done a love scene where that’s even been a remote possibility. So hysteria seemed a perfectly logical response.”

While she had a mixed experience, working with her idol in one of the biggest franchises in Hollywood, she did a great job in playing her role in the movie. She was praised by the critics and fans of the franchise, making her one of the most memorable cast members in the history of MI.

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Thandie Newton Found Tom Cruise To be Too Dominant

During an exclusive interview with Vulture in 2020, Thandie Newton shared that sometimes the pressure of creating a smash hit film at the Box Office would get the better of Tom Cruise, which would lead to awkward confrontations with the actor. 

“I was so scared of Tom. He was a very dominant individual. He tries superhard to be a nice person. But the pressure. He takes on a lot. And I think he has this sense that only he can do everything as best as it can be done.”

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Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 2

The Shade actress continued that there were several instances where the actor was not pleased with how certain scenes were written. Also, sometimes Cruise would clash with Newton for her performance in a scene, and they would retake the scene until the actor got the desired result. However, she did clarify how the actor would be too stressed while working.

“And the next time we shot it, I went in there and I just basically manifested all the — because I realized what he wanted. He just wanted this alpha b****. And I did as best as I could. It’s not the best way to get the best work out of someone. It was just — he was really stressed.”

Well, it is safe to say that Cruise’s efforts to make the film a Box Office hit was a success, and even after 23 years, the film remains memorable among the fans due to its outstanding cinematography, lavish locations, and well-directed cinematography reinforced by a great plot with well-written characters.

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Mission Impossible 2 can be streamed on Netflix.

Source: Telegraph

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