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“I had to be sewn back together”: The Rock Kept Working Out Even after His Quad Tore from His Pelvis

Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, is probably most well known for his physique, being an ex-wrestler. He very often plays characters whose physical strength and capabilities are a big part of their characters. From his role in the Jumanji franchise to his character in the Fast and Furious franchise, the actor is usually required to be quite buff as per his role.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

To maintain one of his defining traits, it is quite expected that Johnson probably trains very intensely for his on-screen and off-screen appearances. With such extensive training comes injuries, of which, Johnson has his share.

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The Rock Faced Serious Injuries During His Westling Years

During an interview, Dwayne Johnson talked about his past trials and tribulations. When asked about the biggest adversities he had to overcome with training, he replied, stating that over the years, he has gone through quite difficult times. From mental turmoil to actual physical injury, the ex-wrestler has seen quite dark days

Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson in Black Adam

” I was brought up to train hard and train smart. But that didn’t protect me when I was out on the field competing or in the wrestling ring. I’ve had five knee surgeries, a torn Achilles. I had to be sewn back together. The top of my quad was torn from my pelvis. I had a whole bunch of shit happen.”

He opened up about how during his wrestling years, he has sustained injury quite a few times. From having multiple knee injuries to having a torn Achilles, his body has gone through the wringer. He even once tore the top of his quad from his pelvis.

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How is The Rock Able to Consistently Work Out?

With so many obstacles in his way, how did The Rock continue doing what he does? The actor seems to have an answer to this question.

Dwayne Johnson
Dwayne Johnson

“The other major adversity has just been fatigue, which can get us all. I know it gets me, and sometimes the last thing you want to do is go to the gym. But when you’re able to push yourself and you fight past that fatigue—that’s when you can find greatness.”

He stated that oftentimes when he is hit with fatigue, he finds it quite difficult to get up and go to the gym. However, he reminds himself of his end goal, which is to achieve greatness, and then he is able to push himself and work out.

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Source: Men’s Journal

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