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“I had to say no”: Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Refused To Work With God of Cinema Guillermo del Toro, Claimed He Couldn’t ‘Connect’ With Him

"I had to say no": Marvel Star Jeremy Renner Refused To Work With God of Cinema Guillermo del Toro, Claimed He Couldn't 'Connect' With Him

Both Guillermo del Toro and Jeremy Renner have been known for their extraordinary talents in the Hollywood industry with the former being an Oscar-winning director and the latter being a two-time Oscar nominee actor. They both have also been prominent figures in the news recently due to del Toro’s Golden Globe and unfortunately Renner’s accident. There had been a time when the two almost worked together on a highly successful project before the Avengers star rejected the role.

Jeremy Renner recently suffered a horrible accident.
Jeremy Renner

Hellboy had been a massive success and one of the biggest hits for del Toro and it was almost going to be Renner’s as well. The role of the protagonist’s partner Agent Myers had been offered to Jeremy Renner and while he did give the role a chance, the actor eventually decided that perhaps the movie was not for him.

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Jeremy Renner Did Not Connect With Agent Myers

There had been a rumor about the role of Hellboy being offered to Jeremy Renner but, Guillermo del Toro had later confirmed that it had instead been Agent Myers that the director wanted him to play. While initially, the reason for Jeremy Renner’s refusal to take up the role had been unclear, it later came to light when the actor himself explained why he made the decision to step away from the role.

A still from Hellboy

“I was just reading the script and [thinking] like, ‘I don’t get this…’ I just couldn’t connect to it. I said, ‘I can’t find a way in [to this character], I don’t know what I’d be doing,’ so I had to say no.”

The actor revealed that he had no other option but to reject the role because he could neither connect with nor understand the role of Agent Myers. No matter how much money they would have offered, and it was said that they offered a lot of money, Renner would have said no either way. His inability to find a way to bring the character to life made him sure that no matter how hard he tried, there was no way he would be perfect for the role of Myers.

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Jeremy Renner Has No Regrets About Refusing To Work On Guillermo del Toro’s Movie

It was never as if Jeremy Renner had an issue with working with the director himself. Perhaps in a future project, Renner and Guillermo del Toro could work on a movie together. However, when asked if he regrets saying no to working on Hellboy, the actor simply stated that there was no other way for the movie to play out but without his involvement.

Guillermo del Toro
Guillermo del Toro

“There’s zero regrets, zero. Most of the time it’s like, ‘Oh, I’m glad I didn’t do it,’ and it made sense to me. Not just Hellboy or whatever it was, and I’m not saying that it’s a good or bad movie, it’s not about that… I just wouldn’t have fit there.”

Even if the movie were to be with him in it, his lack of connection with the character would never have played out what Rupert Evans could bring to life. Keeping this in mind, Renner moved on from the role without a heavy feeling in his heart and lucky enough, he grabbed another superhero role. The actor then proved how perfect he is as Clint Barton in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Jeremy Renner Is Slowly Recovering From His Snow Plow Incident

Jeremy Renner recently got into an accident. This came to be when the actor had been trying to remove snow from the road in order to free his car and got under the Snowcat, which ultimately led him to have surgery. He recently shared a video of him sitting in a wheelchair and being rolled out to get an MRI scan.

Jeremy Renner in Hospital Following Snowplow Accident
Jeremy Renner in Hospital Following Snowplow Accident

The actor is still going through his recovery process but, there is a possibility that he might not be able to walk again, according to reports by Radar Online. This news has already put the fans in a heap of concern as Renner is going through a lot at the moment and everyone prays for his well-being and speedy recovery.

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