“I hate that and I am not gonna get it”: Emily Rudd Was Convinced Netflix Wouldn’t Cast Her as Nami in One Piece Live Action After Her Audition

Emily Rudd felt that her One Piece audition was not up to the mark for the role that she dreamed of.

"I hate that and I am not gonna get it": Emily Rudd Was Convinced Netflix Wouldn't Cast Her as Nami in One Piece Live Action After Her Audition


  • While watching her audition, Emily Rudd was not convinced that it was good. She felt that it was not enough not for a role that she had always dreamed of.
  • Being an avid One Piece fan, Emily Rudd felt that she did not portray Nami well in the audition. She feared that the audition tape would be rejected.
  • Netflix's One Piece Live Action has broken several records after its release. It was streamed in 84 countries on its opening day. Later, it increased to 93 countries.
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Netflix’s One Piece Live Action aired on August 31, 2023. It became a hit show, but apparently, Emily Rudd was not happy with her audition tape, even though it was more than enough to land her dream role. It has been more than a month since One Piece Live Action was released, yet people are still hung over. It is not every day that fans get to enjoy a ‘hit’ anime live adaptation.


The cast of Strawhats has bonded well on and off the screen. They were seen together several times, doing interviews and promotional videos for their new series. But one of such promotional videos revealed that Emily Rudd was unhappy with her audition. She said she could have done it better. Hearing that, many were sent into a frenzy because of how well she performed in the series.

Emily Rudd Was Unhappy With Her One Piece Audition

Emily Rudd for Spider Gwen
Emily Rudd

Iñaki Godoy, Emily Rudd, Taz Skylar, and Jacob Romero were present during a promotional video by STREAM WARS. In that video, the cast of One Piece were reacting to their audition tapes. The first clip was of Iñaki Godoy, the second was Taz Skylar, and the third was Emily Rudd. As soon as her audition clip started to play, she said to the other cast members that she was not happy with the tape.


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Emily Rudd said, “This being a job that I wanted for so long it was never good enough. Like, I remember sending that in, being like “I hate that and I’m not gonna get it because there’s no way.” How could I, with a tape like that?” But Jacob Romero was Usopp enough to say to her that she did alright. Rudd thanked him in return.

Emily Rudd starred as Nami in Netflix's One Piece
Emily Rudd starred as Nami in Netflix’s One Piece

Even though there was nothing wrong with the tape, Emily Rudd, being such an avid One Piece fan, wanted to give more to the audition. The Nami within her wanted it to be better. The One Piece fans are lucky to have such a great real-life Nami.


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More On One Piece Live Action

Netflix’s One Piece Live Action reached numbers that other series’ can only imagine. The first four days saw the watch hours hit the 140 million mark. Within a couple of weeks of its release, it had more than 37.8 million views. It broke the record of Wednesday and Stranger Things by debuting in the top 10 in 84 countries.

One Piece live-action is a hit by Netflix
Netflix’s One Piece Live Action

Later, the number went up to 93 countries. Out of those 93 countries, One Piece Live Action was No. 1 in 46 countries. The show broke several records, and the fans loved it. Due to such developments, Netflix has renewed One Piece for a second season. Thanks to the One Piece cast, especially Emily Rudd, who, after thinking her audition was not up to the mark, gave us an iconic live-action Nami.


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