“I have allies now”: Dany Garcia Shed ‘Dwayne Johnson’s Ex-Wife’ Tag, Then Married His Personal Trainer

"I have allies now": Dany Garcia Shed 'Dwayne Johnson's Ex-Wife' Tag, Then Married His Personal Trainer

Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson’s relationship is more than that of exes. After their divorce in 2008, the two former professional wrestlers have managed to remain friends, as Garcia took over as Johnson’s business manager. Despite facing judgments, the lady holds all the credit for Johnson’s success in Hollywood.

Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia
Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia

But again, Garcia, who is the CEO and chair of The Garcia Companies, never liked Dwayne Johnson’s ex-wife moniker and admitted that it took her a long time to shed the tag. Interestingly, she ended up marrying Johnson’s personal trainer, Dave Rienzi. The two continue to remain an important part of The Rock’s life.

Dany Garcia Is More Than Dwayne Johnson’s Ex-Wife

Dany Garcia indulged in a candid conversation with CNBC Make It, and revealed how it took her a long time to shed Dwayne Johnson‘s ex-wife moniker. On being known as The Rock’s ex-wife and not being recognized for her own work, the businesswoman said:

“The reality is the moniker of ‘ex-wife to a celebrity’ is easy for people to understand, and it has a little salacious hook. “But you can’t identify with that.”

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Dwayne Johnson and Danny Garcia have continued to nurture their professional relationship
Dany Garcia and Dwayne Johnson have continued to nurture their professional relationship

After her divorce from the Baywatch star in 2008, she was questioned about taking up the role of Johnson’s business manager. No matter what the world whispered, Garcia continued to play a pivotal role in making some of the most rewarding decisions concerning the WWE legend’s acting career. On making a professional career of her own, Garcia said:

“The great thing now is that I have my own platform and social media. I have allies now, compared to the past, where there was only press talking about you, which is a long-a– haul.”

The lady expressed that she wants to be known for her professional career. Besides overseeing a portfolio of global brands, Dany Garcia also co-founded Seven Bucks Productions, which has produced several films starring Johnson, like Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle, Hobbs & Shaw, and Jungle Cruise.

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Dany Gracia Is Married To The Rock’s Personal Trainer

Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia divorced amicably in 2008, after a marriage of over a decade. While Johnson went on to marry Lauren Hasian, Dany Garcia ended up marrying personal trainer, Dave Reinzi, the fitness coach behind Johnson’s jaw-dropping physique.

Despite their split, Dwayne Johnson and Dany Garcia have continued to play major roles in each other’s life. If not as life partners, the two former wrestlers have found great success as business partners. Johnson and Garcia even bought the XFL together in 2020, and she remains the Global Strategic Advisor for most of his business ventures.

Danny Garcia's husband, Dave Reinzi still trains Dwayne Johnson
Dany Garcia’s husband, Dave Reinzi still trains Dwayne Johnson

But again, the 54-year-old woman has built an empire for herself, managing A-listers like Henry Cavill (Dave Reinzi trains him too). Garcia, who began her career in finance at Merril Lynch, is the founder of GSTQ, and the CEO and chair of The Garcia Companies and TGC Management.

As for her husband, Dave Reinzi has continued to remain Johnson’s personal trainer despite marrying his ex-wife in 2014 and also serves as the Chief Health & Fitness Brand Officer in her company. Garcia and The Rock continue to nurture and strengthen their business relationship!

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