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‘I Have Never Felt More Powerful’: Thor: Love and Thunder’s Bast Actor Akosia Sabet Grateful to MCU For Giving Her the Opportunity to Represent Wakandan Gods

In recent years, Marvel has been addressing several issues like racism, breaking stereotypes, and inclusion that all people should feel included in their movies. From addressing racism in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier to creating a gender-bent Taskmaster in the Black Widow, Marvel Studios has proved that every person is a human being.

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Akosia Sabet seen as Bast in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).
Akosia Sabet seen as Bast in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).

Akosia Sabet’s prideful tweet

Akosia Sabet is known for Winchester, Clickbait, and, Thor: Love and Thunder. The actress plays the role of the Wakandan goddess and the ruler of the dead, Bast. The actress can be seen sitting with Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster, and Tessa Thomspon’s Valkyrie in the movie. Following this,  Akosia Sabet took to Twitter to address the feeling of pride that she felt while portraying the role.

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Several people also congratulated the actress and offered her moral support and shared in her pride as well.

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Before being officially credited as Bastet in Thor: Love and Thunder, the actress was also present off-screen during the beginning of Black Panther in an uncredited role. Thus, this film marks the first official entry of Bast into the MCU.

Akosia Sabet was officialy credited in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).
Akosia Sabet was officially credited in Thor: Love and Thunder (2022).

How Bast is relevant to the plot of the Black Panther sequel?

The sequel to the much popular Black Panther addresses the issue of their beloved King T’Challa dying. The film is a tribute to the late actor Chadwick Boseman who died due to cancer in recent years.

Bastet, seen in Panther form in the comics.
Bastet is seen in Panther form in the comics.

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After the death of king T’Challa, there is a struggle for the throne of Wakanda. In this turmoil and chaos, a power struggle erupts about who gets to take the mantle, ascend the steps, and take the vibranium throne for themselves. And amidst the power struggle, is Namor, the king of an Atlantis-like Kingdom who wants to protect his territories from humans. And it seems that he too is fighting to take the throne of Wakanda.

We will not spoil the upcoming movie for you, but according to the lore of the comics, Bast refuses to allow [spoiler] to be the next Black Panther.

Thus, it is very likely that Bast is yet to come if Marvel decides to respect and address the lore of the comics.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is slated to release on 11th November 2022 and will mark the end of Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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