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“I haven’t heard from them”: Batgirl Leslie Grace Claims James Gunn Hasn’t Contacted Her Despite Retaining Sasha Calle’s Supergirl in Ezra Miller’s The Flash

“I haven’t heard from them”: Batgirl Leslie Grace Claims James Gunn Hasn’t Contacted Her Despite Retaining Sasha Calle’s Supergirl in Ezra Miller’s The Flash

The DC Universe is all ready to expand! With a few releases here and there and a whole slate ready for the future, the superhero universe is going to be as exciting as it gets. However, amongst the hype for the releases, there’s a film that couldn’t even make it to the screens – the Leslie Grace starrer, Batgirl.

Leslie Grace
Leslie Grace

With the reason being cited as disappointing test screenings, Batgirl was completely axed off from the face of the earth, despite having completed its seven-month-long production. Comparing her feelings to that of a deflating balloon, Leslie Grace opened up about how she felt during the whole ordeal and if she would be making a return to the DC Studios anytime soon or not.

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Is Leslie Grace Coming Back to the DCU?

Leslie Grace as Batgirl
Leslie Grace as Batgirl

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As Sasha Calle will soon be seen as Supergirl in The Flash, it was only natural that a fan’s mind wanders off to Batgirl’s future in the DCU. Will the fans ever get to see Leslie Grace play Batgirl again, despite the failed attempt which caused the debt-ridden studios $90 million? We can’t say anything for certain and neither can Grace.

In an interview with Variety, Grace revealed that the studios haven’t had a discussion about returning as Batgirl with her. She stated that she has not yet heard from the new co-heads, James Gunn and Peter Safran, who weren’t with the studios when the decision was made. However, she realizes that the duo has a lot on their minds right now with the upcoming projects and wishes them the best of luck.

“No, I haven’t heard from them. But I wish them the best on all the plans that they’ve got rolling out. They’ve got a lot of projects to handle, and it’s not an easy job.”

She was then asked about returning to play Batgirl in Matt Reeves’ The Batman sequel as there are rumors that more of the bat family will be included in the sequel. Grace replied stating that while there were discussions about Batgirl’s return, nothing is confirmed for now. She does not want to give her fans hope about something she has no control over which is why she stated she can’t talk much about the future of Batgirl.

“We’ve definitely had conversations about Batgirl’s future and how Batgirl can make a resurgence. I think fans are looking forward to seeing that. We’ll just see where that takes us; I can’t say one way or the other if that is a reality at this point. I can’t speak too much about a future for Bat- girl or guarantee anything. The last thing that I would want to do is give folks any kind of inkling of something that I have not much control over — as we’ve learned.”

It looks like even Batgirl herself has no insight into the future of the character. Maybe one day we’ll get to see Grace’s performance as Batgirl, especially since Brendan Fraser called her “dynamite.” For now, though, all we can do is hope!

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Leslie Grace Calls Batgirl an “Incredible” Film

Leslie Grace
Leslie Grace in Batgirl costume

When the news broke about the shelving of Batgirl, Grace felt like a “deflating balloon.” All she wanted from the team was to see the final cut of the movie. She got to watch the incomplete movie as the crew never got to finish editing it. However, Grace absolutely loved the scenes that she did get to see and called them “incredible.” The In the Heights actress stated that Batgirl had the potential to be a good film.

“That’s the one thing I asked for. I got to see the film as far as it got to; the film wasn’t complete by the time that it was tested. There were a bunch of scenes that weren’t even in there. They were at the beginning of the editing process, and they were cut off because of everything going on at the company. But the film that I got to see — the scenes that were there — was incredible. There was definitely potential for a good film, in my opinion. Maybe we’ll get to see clips of it later on.”

After hearing everything Grace had to say about the unreleased film, we sure hope we get to see a few clips from Batgirl. Who knows? Maybe Gunn and Safran could make some space for Grace in their DCU! However, as Grace herself stated, nothing can be said with surety at the moment.

The Flash will hit the theatres on June 16, 2023.

Source: Variety

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