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“I hope he never gets nominated again”: Matt Damon Blamed for Controversial Oscars Moment After He Decides to Not Show Up For Oscars 2023

"I hope he never gets nominated again": Matt Damon Blamed for Controversial Oscars Moment After He Decides to Not Show Up For Oscars 2023

While within the eyes of the audience, Matt Damon might be remembered for his absolutely flawless depiction of Jason Bourne in the Bourne franchise, he is also known to play numerous other roles that have substantiated him as one of the premier stars in Hollywood today. With some legendary performances under his belt, the star now stays relatively mellow about choosing roles that excite him and has a good story to tell.

Matt Damon
Matt Damon

And with the ceremonious night of the 2023 Academy Awards coming ever closer, everyone in the industry are ready with their tuxes, suits, and dresses to attend the night, all except The Martian star. Thus, in light of this news, Jimmy Kimmel has come out to express his relief that the star will be staying away from the ceremony, while also wishing upon his lucky stars that he doesn’t get nominated for an Oscar Award in the future.

Jimmy Kimmel Wants Matt Damon To Never Be Nominated For An Oscar Award

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck during their 1997 Oscars Speech
Matt Damon and Ben Affleck during their 1997 Oscars Speech

After winning an Oscar Award for Best Screenplay for his film Good Will Hunting in 1997 along with his best friend Ben Affleck, Matt Damon has never let the shine of that award go down with his performances in various films since then. But when it came to hosting the Oscars, things got out of hand when the star along with co-host Jimmy Kimmel accidentally gave the wrong envelope to the announcers, which became the infamous incident that almost got La La Land the award for Best Picture instead of the original winner Moonlight.

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And now, as the Oscar Awards are all set to be revived for 2023, Jimmy Kimmel has been recalled to become the host of the auspicious night, but Damon has decided to take a back seat and be absent from the event. After hearing about this, Kimmel, who considers Damon a dear friend, jestingly told People magazine that he is glad that the Interstellar star was absent from the night as he adds that he was the reason that the envelopes got mixed up which caused the flub in 2017, also adding that he wishes he will never receive an Oscar in the future. He said:

“I’m thrilled that he won’t show, I believe that his presence in some way caused the envelope mixup, I hope he never gets nominated again. Jokes aside, I was sitting next to Matt when that literally unfolded, and he figured out what was going on a couple of seconds before I did, His version of the story is that I figured it out before he did.… So whatever the case, neither one of us knew what the hell was going on.”

While Damon might not be nominated for an award this year, his presence would’ve been appreciated by many from the industry.

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What’s Next For Matt Damon?

Matt Damon in a still from Air
Matt Damon in a still from Air

While Damon might not be nominated for an Academy Award this year, he might just be preparing himself to be on the next year’s list of nominees as he is all set to make an impact with his upcoming film Air alongside Ben Affleck. Playing the role of Sonny Vaccaro, the man who brought sports legend Michael Jordan to the spotlight, the film will depict the best brand deal made with an athlete that changed the sneaker culture forever.

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Air, releasing on Prime Video on April 5, 2023

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