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‘I hope this ain’t true’: Marvel Fans Already Mourning Jeremy Renner’s Rumored Leg Amputation Destroying His Hollywood Career


Jeremy Renner’s accident left the fans devasted when it was revealed to the people. Cheering for the actor through some tough times, the fans wished him a speedy recovery and hoped that he would be in theaters in no time.

There are allegedly concerning reports from Radar Online that the injury is not as simple as what the people expected. Rumors of Jeremy Renner having to amputate his leg abound on the internet. Although unconfirmed, the fans could not bear to think of Renner and the alleged amputation that he is faced with.

Jeremy Renner in the aftermath of his accident.
Jeremy Renner in the aftermath of his accident.

Jeremy Renner Is Rumored To Have A Leg Amputation!

While trying to save a family member’s vehicle stuck in the snow, Jeremy Renner tried to help them but the 14,000 pounds PistonBully lost its control. Trying to climb up on the snowplow, Renner allegedly lost his footing and the machine fell on The Avengers actor’s body.

Jeremy Renner photographed with Chris Evans.
Jeremy Renner photographed with Chris Evans.

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Although being hailed a real-life hero, Renner was rushed to the hospital and put in ICU for the critical condition of his body. The actor seemed to recover quite quickly and posted updates from the hospital on social media platforms. A few days ago, the rumor went up that the injury that Renner suffered wasn’t as simple as the people thought it to be.

According to reports by RadarOnline, Jeremy Renner is alleged to have a leg amputation done in the future due to his condition which people fear. The thought of seeing their beloved star face a difficult choice has made the people nervous and sad. Praying and hoping for the actor to not have to lose a leg, people took to Twitter in support of the Arrival actor’s speedy recovery.

Although unconfirmed, there have been no official details revealed regarding the accident or the injury since rumors clash with each other. No trusted or verified source has stated that Jeremy Renner might have to lose a leg.

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Jeremy Renner Shares An Update From The Hospital

Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown (2021-).
Jeremy Renner in Mayor of Kingstown (2021-).

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Jeremy Renner has been admitted to the Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno, Nevada. While sharing updates from the hospital, the actor was seen with a medical attendant who was wheeling the actor. Posting the story on his Instagram, Renner captioned the post with the words “I wish you all a special night…once again”.

In a photo, Renner can be seen with a Canon MRI scanner to have a scan done. It was reported according to the 911 call log that the Wind River actor had bled profusely from his head and hence, the MRI scan. There has been conclusive progress in the actor’s recovery since the accident as the world prays and hopes for the Hawkeye actor to get back on his feet in no time. On the professional side of things, the actor will be seen shortly when a new season of Mayor in Kingstown arrives on 16th January 2023 in the US.

The Mayor of Kingstown is available to stream on Paramount+.

Source: Twitter

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