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“I hope you get cancer”: Cameron Diaz Showed Her Ugly Side After Paparazzi Caught Her Kissing Justin Timberlake as $140M Actress Announces Second Retirement

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Cameron Diaz has been one of Hollywood’s sweethearts ever since the beginning of her career. The star made a sparkling debut at the age of 21 opposite Jim Carey in The Mask and went on to star in many successful commercial films like Charlie’s Angels, Gangs of New York, Bad Teacher, There’s Something About Mary and many more. Apart from her acting chops, Diaz is also known for her affable personality and easy rapport with her co-stars along with being a relatable celebrity to audiences. But her reputation has not always been squeaky clean. The Vanilla Sky actor has also had ugly showdowns with the paparazzi during a few public encounters.

Cameron Diaz
Actor Cameron Diaz

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“Rude” Cameron Diaz Gives a Piece of Her Mind

The life of celebrities is nothing short of a rollercoaster ride. While they are glorified by fans and critics on one side, they are also equally scrutinized for their comments and actions on the other. Cameron Diaz who was on the receiving end of the paparazzi’s eagle eye was reported to have said that she wished a staffer got cancer for hounding her. The Gambit actor’s comments subsequently went viral with many users taking to social media to express their thoughts on Diaz and her behavior. One of them said,

“She seems a nasty piece of crap. Terrible thing to say. It is a devastating disease.”

Other netizens also expressed their displeasure at the actor’s serious remark while a few were not surprised since they expected Diaz to be rude and nasty. This comment came back to bite her later on through Rolling Stone Founder Jann Wenner.

Jann Wenner
Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner

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Jann Wenner’s takes down Cameron Diaz

Wishing someone ill health is a pretty brutal way of retaliating. But actor Cameron Diaz was allegedly provoked enough in the past for her to have made this comment to a member of the paparazzi. Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner commented on this incident in his memoir Like a Rolling Stone in which he also revealed the talked-about photograph of Cameron Diaz kissing Justin Timberlake on a beach in Hawaii in 2006. Although he did not mention the star by name, his indirect referral and subsequent dissent of Diaz was proof enough.

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake were photographed in Hawaii

Like A Rolling Stone which hit the stands in September 2022 is reported to have many inside scoops on celebrities’ private lives over the decades including shocking claims of Tom Cruise’s sexual preferences and information on Angelina Jolie’s secret relationship with Brad Pitt before they went public.

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Source: Like A Rolling Stone

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