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“I instantly was nervous”: DCU’s Batman Ben Affleck Intimidated MCU Star Chris Evans So Much That He Wanted to Run Away From His Audition

"I instantly was nervous": DCU’s Batman Ben Affleck Intimidated MCU Star Chris Evans So Much That He Wanted to Run Away From His Audition

Ben Affleck has been a phenomenal addition to the Hollywood industry with his vast experience in acting from a very young age. Affleck starred in multiple blockbuster movies as well as directed many himself in the industry. He is talented in this field and had landed multiple small, side-character roles before he got his big breakthrough, starring in Good Will Hunting alongside Matt Damon.

Ben Affleck
Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck is now one of the fan-favorite actors with his portrayal of the Dark Knight aka Batman in DC and rumor has it that his dark and gloomy character was instilled in him even before he played Batman. Once in an audition for the movie Gone Baby Gone, Ben Affleck terrified MCU star actor Chris Evans that he couldn’t audition properly and wanted to just flee from the situation.

Ben Affleck Terrified Chris Evans During an Audition

Chris Evans is one of the most successful and talented actors present in the industry right now and with his starring in multiple genre movies, he does not lack experience in any field which led him to be one of the biggest in Hollywood. MCU changed everything for Evans as he was molded to play a very sincere and specific role, which he did perfectly and it has been quite some time since he laid down his shield. So it is obvious that Chris Evans lacks neither experience nor confidence, but only once, a fellow actor make him want to run for his money when Evans met Ben Affleck in an audition for a movie.

Chris Evans
Chris Evans

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Gone Baby Gone released in 2007, as a mystery/drama, was a fairly good movie and its critic reviews were mostly positive. The movie had auditioned both Affleck and Evans for a role which neither of them got, but there is a funny story behind the scenes as at that time Ben Affleck was fairly famous and Evans was a bit intimidated by him before their meeting. Years later, the Knives Out actor shares a funny story in an interview about how he was terrified of Affleck at that time and as a result, it hindered his audition.

“I walked in and I’m walking down the halls looking for this room, and as I passed a room I heard, ‘There he is.’ In my head I was like, ‘That’s Ben.’ I turned around and it was, and for some reason, I instantly was nervous. I went in and shook his hand, and the first thing I said was, ‘Hey, how ya doing — am I gonna be ok where I parked?’ And he said, ‘Where’d you park?’ And I said, ‘At one of the meters.’ And he said, ‘Did you put money in it?’ And I said, ‘Yeah.’ And he said, ‘I think you’ll be all right,'”

Chris Evans further shared that after their somewhat weird conversation, he freaked out even more and just wanted to get out of the room as at this time, he did not care about the audition and just wanted to get away from Ben Affleck. It was obvious that Evans’ audition would not go well as he was already stressed and panicked through his interview/audition, and unfortunately, he did not land the role for the movie.

Gone Baby Gone: Directorial Debut of Ben Affleck

Gone Baby Gone was the first movie Ben Affleck directed, as it was his first feature film released in 2007. He wrote the screenplay for the movie alongside his colleague and the movie was mainly based on a famous novel by Dennis Lehane where two detectives are giving their best to search for a missing girl and to investigate her kidnapping as it takes a dark turn midway. The movie was very well received by the critic reviewers and also by the ones who watched it and the movie had fairly high critic ratings.

After this movie aired, it was quite a success and Affleck went on to direct more movies that are also quite famous, he directed movies like Argo, Live by Night, and many others. Currently, he is working on, Air, the movie that will show the relationship between the star player Michael Jordan and his partnership with Nike, making it a global phenomenon. The movie will be released in 2023.

Ben Affleck behind the scenes of Gone Baby Gone
Ben Affleck behind the scenes of Gone Baby Gone

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Gone Baby Gone with an estimated budget of $19 million amassed a bit over $34.6 million at the box office after its release worldwide. The movie also won many awards like the Critics Choice Award, the Gold Derby Awards, and the Satellite Awards, and has been nominated for further more such as the Academy Awards, the Golden Globes, etc.

Gone Baby Gone is available for streaming on HBO Max.

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