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‘I just cried and cried’: Seth Green Reveals He Was Just 9 When Bill Murray Told Him to ‘F**k Off’ Because Green Was Sitting On His Chair

bill murray with seth green

Back in May 2022, the Ghostbusters actor Bill Murray found himself in the middle of a controversy that led to the suspension of filming his latest movie. This happened when a woman complained about his alleged behavior on set, which the actor said was him being simply funny.

Seth Green show based on NFT derailed after hacker steals Bored Ape
Actor Seth Green

Now, actor Seth Green has come forward with an experience of his own, calling Bill Murray the rudest actor he has come across. This certainly does not seem to favor the latter’s words calling the previous incident a mere try at being funny.

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Seth Green Does Not Seem to be a Fan

Bill Murray
Actor Bill Murray

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The Robot Chicken actor let the viewers of Good Mythical Morning in on a certain incident from when he was on the set of Saturday Night Live as a nine-year-old child. 

According to Seth Green, while he was hanging out in the green room backstage with his mother and a few other SNL names, he asked if he could change the channel on the television. To this, Eddie Murphy replied that he could, but he would’ve to do it himself. Green said that things were going fine, that is until Bill Murray entered the room. Allegedly Murray was quick to make a fuss about the child actor being in his seat. 

“Bill Murray was hosting the show, and as everybody knows, he’s great with kids! He saw me sitting on the arm of this chair, and made a big fuss about me being in his seat. And I was like, ‘That is absurd. I am sitting on the arm of this couch. There are several lengths of this sofa. Kindly F off.’ And he was like, ‘That’s my chair.'”

Green continued to recall the incident stating that when his mother suggested he should let “the Bill Murray” his seat back, he stood up against Murray. What followed, turned out to be the reason behind Green calling him the rudest celebrity he ever met.

“He picked me up by my ankles, held me upside down. You have to remember, when I was nine years old, I was probably less than four foot. So, he dangled me over a trash can, and he was like, ‘The trash goes in the trash can!’ And I was screaming! Screaming!. He dropped me in the trash can. The trash can falls over. I was horrified. I ran away and hid under the table in my dressing room, and just cried and cried.”

Seth Green reveals that he was so terrified (and embarrassed) that he refused to go on with the show. After all, it is a nine-year-old kid we are talking about. He only agreed to continue filming after Eddie Murphy and Tim Kazurinsky talked to him saying that Murray was probably just “nervous” because he was hosting. They asked Green to “be the pro” and continue the show. This gave him a ‘show must go on’ attitude, and he eventually finished the shoot.

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Bill Murray Has Been in Similar Situations Before

Robert Schneider has only one good movie to his name
Robert Schneider

Even though Seth Green now recalls the incident in a humorous manner, one could imagine the fear the child went through dangling over a trash can. 

This was not the first time Bill Murray was blamed for his bad behavior around his co-stars. He very recently had settled an assault suit against him. In another incident, Rob Schneider, who was also once a part of SNL revealed on The Jim Norton & Sam Roberts Show that Murray wasn’t particularly a treat to work with saying he wasn’t kind to the cast members when he returned to host an episode in 1993. He also stated that while Murray was nice to his fans, his co-stars weren’t subjected to similar treatment.

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