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“I Just Had the Date Wrong”: Amber Heard Changes Domestic Abuse Testimony Mid Trial

The Johnny Depp Amber Heard case finally resumed today and there’s already a an explosive twist. In what could be the turning point of the defamation lawsuit against heard, the Aquaman actress was caught off guard, her testimony changing in the middle of the trial. Does this blow the case wide open? Was this more than just a slip of tongue? Let’s see what Amber Heard had to say for herself.

Amber Heard
Amber Heard on monday for direct testimony

Jurors have listened to explicit recordings of conversations between Johnny depp and Amber Heard. The testimony about the severed finger and the couple’s extensive and often explosive arguments would definitely have a crucial role to play in helping decide the verdict. From pooping on bed to heinous sexual assault charges, everything controversial under the clear blue sky has come up in the case. But this slip of tongue may have hit Amber Heard’s case more than she could have anticipated. The accused changing her testimony mid trial means the jurors will have a hard time believing her words now.

Amber Heard Was Asked When Did The First Act Of Physical Violence Occur

SNL makes fans angery for mocking Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Trial
Depp and Heard in the trial

“Well I have always believed up until recently that it was….it had started later. That the violence started around early 2013, not early 2012.”

To this, Depp’s team interjected and countered with a witty cross-question that could be the breakthrough Johnny Depp needed to get an upper hand in the case. His attorney told Depp that she had testified earlier that the first act of physical violence by Mr. Depp was related to the Winona Ryder Wino Tattoo. His lawyer asked if she has given the jury and the judge new information regarding Depp’s first act of physical violence. Depp’s lawyers would come to the rescue and object to the question, claiming that Depp’s team is leading the witness. But by that time, the damage is done.

Amber Heard threatened someone to lie under oath
Is Amber Heard lying?

Amber Heard has been caught off guard, making changes to her own testimony regarding domestic violence accusations against Depp. The Jury has taken note of this and Depp’s team will drill down on Amber Heard with respect to this new angle in further cross-questions.

“You Never Forget It….I Just Had The Date Wrong”: Amber Heard Tries To Save Face

Amber Heard describes instances of abuse
Amber Heard describes instances of abuse

“You never forget it. That’s how you remember it. It changes your life forever. You never forget when someone hits you like that. I just had the date wrong.”

When asked how she could get a date as crucial as this wrong, Amber Heard tries to justify her actions by saying this:

The Alleged Bloody Lip Photo
The Alleged Bloody Lip Photo

“I am embarrassed to say. I think I would have liked to believe that the period in which I had to fall in love with Johnny, and we fell in love, in which he was sober and he wasn’t violent to me, lasted for a lot longer than it did. Think I would have liked to believe that I wasn’t hit so early in the relationship and still stayed. He was also sober for a period in 2012 which was a peaceful time for us, in which we fell in love. So I had kind of allowed myself I guess, to forget that the beginning of that period – 2012, before he got sober was, really violent and chaotic as well. I am embarrassed to say that.”

Johnny Depp Denies All Domestic Abuse Allegations

Amber Heard against Johnny Depp in defamation trial
Amber Heard against Johnny Depp in defamation trial

Johnny Depp has already gone under oath to say that he never hit Amber Heard, denying all charges. On the contrary, he accuses Amber Heard of being abusive to him. Recent recordings prove that there have been cases of mutual abuse from both sides but Amber Heard’s case is even more disturbing because they clearly indicate towards episodes of psychotic rage that should not be left unchecked and unsupervised.

Does Amber Heard changing her testimony mid trial indicate a bigger lie? The people have taken notice. And she will probably be grilled many times over this. Stay tuned for further updates.

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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