“I just knew it was time for me to step away”: Grant Gustin Was Prepared to Leave The Flash Even if it Meant a Recast Against Fans’ Wishes

Grant Gustin considered leaving The Flash ahead of its conclusion!

grant gustin as flash


  • Grant Gustin revealed that he contemplated leaving the series many times over the show's extensive run.
  • He shared that the series remained a priority for him until he got married and started a family.
  • Despite being firm about leaving the show, Gustin also feared missing out on the experience if it had continued without him.
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Portraying the role of Scarlet Speedster in The CW superhero TV series, Grant Gustin became a fan favorite, with fans even rooting for him to take over the role in the DC Extended Universe. However, as the actor moved ahead in his life and with the series he frequently pondered stepping away from the show over its extensive run.

Grant Gustin as The Flash
Grant Gustin as The Flash | Credit: CW

The Glee actor opened up about his desire to leave the show in an interview, saying that he was adamant about departing from the show after Season 9, regardless of whether it marked the series finale or not.

Grant Gustin Was Adamant About Leaving The Flash

Following a nearly one decade-long tenure on The CW, The Flash came to an end with Season 9. However, the star of the show, Grant Gustin, was ready to leave the series regardless of whether the show continued after Season 9 or not.

Grant Gustin speaking at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con International
Grant Gustin | Credit: Wikimedia Commons/vagueonthehow

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he candidly discussed the reasons for his plans to leave the show. The Puppy Love star shared that throughout its nine-year run, he thought about leaving the series many times, especially after getting married and starting a family.

“Initially when we all signed on, it was a six-year run that got extended to seven — I got married in season 5, I had a kid during season 7, so obviously you start thinking about life changes at that point.”

Grant Gustin and Candice Patton as Barry Allen and Iris West
Grant Gustin and Candice Patton as Barry Allen and Iris West | Credit: The CW

He was hopeful that the series would end after 8 seasons following the precedent set by Arrow. But executive producer Greg Berlanti convinced him to stay for another season. And he was fixated on leaving the show after Season 9, as he wanted to spend more time with his family.

“I just knew it was time for me to step away, have more time with my family after season 9, and just enter this next chapter of my life,” he said. Although he was so sure about leaving the series, the actor also feared missing out on the experience if the show had continued without him.


Grant Gustin Was Conflicted About Leaving The Flash

While he wanted to leave the show to further pursue the next chapter in his personal and professional life, Grant Gustin also grappled with the fear of missing out if The Flash had continued for another season without him. So, he was relieved upon learning about the show’s conclusion.

The Flash | Credit: CW

“But I think I would’ve really questioned my decision if they had done a season 10, and I knew the whole family was still together and I was somewhere else, so I’m glad we all finished at the same time. I’m not really a FOMO person, but I would’ve for sure had FOMO about that.”

Gustin emphasized that the show played a significant role in his formative years and described it as his top priority until he started a family. “I grew up doing this show and it was my priority No. 1 until I started a family, which is when my perspective started to shift on everything,” he reflected.

Despite his reservations about continuing with the TV series, the actor shared that he took the role very seriously and was proud of his contributions to the show and the impact it had on the audience over the years.


The Flash is available to stream on Prime Video.


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