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‘I knew it, we are getting young Avengers’: Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop Reportedly Returns to Marvel Phase 5, Fuels ‘Young avengers taking over MCU’ Speculations

Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop

Ever since the conclusion of Avengers: Endgame, the people have felt that Marvel is planning to replace every Avenger with their protégés. Tony Stark sacrificed himself in the process of eliminating Thanos and his army while Captain America retired and gave his shield to Sam Wilson. After reports of Hailee Steinfeld appearing once again as Kate Bishop in Phase 5 of the MCU, fans wonder about the seemingly ever-increasing possibility of a “Young Avengers” movie.

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Hailee Steinfield as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye (2021).
Hailee Steinfeld as Kate Bishop in Hawkeye (2021).

Haile Steinfeld returns as Kate Bishop, Hawkeye’s protégé

It was accidentally revealed on the Disney Latino official website about the return of Hawkeye’s protégé in the coming months. Under the heading “people should know”, the article contained the list of names that the people should know before the release of Phase 5 of the MCU. And guess who made the list?

Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, and, Deadpool fight it out in the comics.
Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, and, Deadpool fight it out in the comics.

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The post has been now deleted but the fans have been hyping up the team of young Avengers that may tackle the new challenges that are thrown their way (or universe).

This tweet is pure common sense

Hawkeye (2021) wasn’t the best of the shows that Marvel had to offer. Earning some decent ratings, the show managed to be in the spotlight for a brief amount of time before being thrown away by the new and upcoming. Confirmed to be a limited series by Marvel, there could potentially be a second season for the story of Kate Bishop and Clint Barton’s relationship to grow.

The potential spots for Hailee Steinfeld to appear

Hailee Steinfield can appear as Kate Bishop in a potentially 'young Avengers' movie.
Hailee Steinfeld can appear as Kate Bishop in a potentially ‘young Avengers’ movie.

Marvel’s lineup at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 opened the doorway for multiple characters to enter into several universes and storylines. The crossovers between the TV Marvel and the movie Marvel will be more frequent in the upcoming days. With the currently in-production series Daredevil: Born Again, Kate Bishop has a very high probability of making an appearance since both the protagonists are connected to the king of crime “Kingpin”.

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The 25-year-old American actress was also seen hanging out around the sets of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania which gave fuel to the rumors of her appearing in one of the upcoming films. This could also lead to a potential movie about the next generation of superheroes forming the Young Avengers that the Marvel Comics have lore for.

Recently the Emmy-nominated Hawkeye (2021) series switched sides when it went from the ‘limited-series’ category to the genre of a comedic series. This could potentially mean the return of Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton along with protégé Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop in the upcoming months.

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