“I knew who I would get on with”: Harry Potter Star Used Astrology to Make Friends in Sandra Bullock’s $297M All-Female Spin-Off After Reports of On-Set Fighting

Harry Potter Star Used Astrology to Make Friends in Sandra Bullock's $297M All-Female Spin-Off After Reports of On-Set Fighting
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The Sandra Bullock starrer Ocean’s 8 garnered a lot of attention at the time for its female-dominated star cast. Following the regressive stereotypical thought process, it was rumored that the cast members of the film didn’t get along well. However, the cast denied all such claims and called out people for their regressive mindset.


During an interview, the actresses of the film discussed openly their relations with each other. A cast member of the film shared that she relied on Astrology to figure out who she would get along with at work.

Oceans' 8
Oceans’ 8

Astrology served as a great assistance to this actress!

When it comes to getting a glimpse of the future, certainly every person is guilty of believing in the horoscope. For a few people, astrology serves as a reliable source to get an idea about future events. Actress Helena Bonham Carter also relied on astrology at some point in her life.


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Helena Bonham Carter
Helena Bonham Carter

During her appearance on The Graham Norton Show, the actress shed light on how she uses the assistance of Astrology to do some research. The actress appeared at the show to promote their film, Ocean’s 8. The actress, along with the other cast members of the film, slammed the prejudices that stated that the female cast members of the film didn’t get along well. The Harry Potter star reflected upon the rumors and said,

“They wanted the cliche of a group of women not getting on, but we didn’t live up to it.” 

The actress further shared how she sought to get an idea of who she would befriend throughout the course of the film. The actress revealed that she took the help of Astrology to know who she would get along with on the set. The actress said,


‘I did some astrology. I found out everyone’s birthday, and I knew who I would get on with.’

The actress elucidated that opting for this way wasn’t her first decision; however, she did so out of curiosity.

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Helena Bonham Carter’s approach towards Astrology

Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown
Helena Bonham Carter in The Crown

Helena Bonham Carter has given some iconic performances throughout her acting career. The secret of Carter’s brilliant performance has been her devotion to her work and some prior research on that. Previously, for her role as Princess Margaret in The Crown, the actress took an untraditional route to prepare herself for her role.


The 57-year-old actress relied on astrology and asked an astrologer to make an astrology chart for Princess Margaret, the sister of Queen Elizabeth II. It’s indeed true that a good actor goes to any length to ace a role.

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