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“I know enough now not to f—k with that”: Seth Rogen Explains Why He Won’t Revisit Freaks & Geeks Despite Being a Cult Classic

“I know enough now not to f—k with that”: Seth Rogen Explains Why He Won’t Revisit Freaks & Geeks Despite Being a Cult Classic

Seth Rogen’s Freaks & Geeks was a rare gem that everyone loved but was unfortunately canceled after only one season. The series gained a lot of praise and ever since it stopped, fans have been wondering when it would finally be revived or rebooted. The show starring John Francis Daley and Linda Cardellini as siblings saw the hierarchy of high school and how it can direct the lives of people.

Seth Rogen's pottery collection
Seth Rogen

Its cancellation had been a shocker to the fans and saddened them immensely. Being Seth Rogen’s first acting role, the show holds a lot of significance for him. So the question about its revival made the actor confirm what the fans had perhaps been dreading already.

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Seth Rogen Elaborates On Freaks & Geeks Not Being Revived

Despite Freaks & Geeks being a massive success and an absolute classic, it got canceled after only one season. Seth Rogen played the role of Ken Miller and was part of the main cast. The cult classic was a show revolving around teenagers in high school learning about the social hierarchy and how to work around them.

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The cast of “Freaks And Geeks.” From l-r: James Franco (as Daniel), Linda Cardellini (as Lindsay Weir, front, green jacket), Seth Rogen (as Ken Miller, plaid shirt), John Daley (as Sam Weir, front blue striped shirt), Martin Starr (as Bill Havenchuck, back wearing glasses) and Samm Levine (as Neal, far right).

“I don’t think anyone would do it. It’s so rare that you do something in your career that is actually just viewed as good. I know enough now not to f— with that, to just let it be good and not try to go revisit it. And just let it exist.”

The actor confirmed that because it is such a loved show and so carefully made, it would be best not to touch it. Tampering with a show like that could very well result in it being ruined. Although there will always be room for the show to shine in future runs, the actor believes that it being left alone is the best possible way of maintaining its touch with the audience and the love that they have for the series.

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Could The Cast Of Freaks & Geeks Reunite?

Reunions are a normal thing now for shows that have long since concluded or been canceled. Some shows have gotten reboots and even spin-offs. So for fans to ask to see more of Freaks & Geeks is only natural.

Seth Rogen
Seth Rogen

The show was initially canceled due to its airing time and scheduling issues. It went on hiatus on multiple occasions, that too only for one season. And airing on Saturday nights reduced its viewership by a lot. However, the possibility of the cast getting together one more time for a reunion might not be out of the question just yet.

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