“I know what it is to be the a—hole dad”: James Cameron Reveals Avatar 2 Deals With Him Being an Absent Parent For His Kids, Was Inspired By His Children to Make Sequel to $2.9B Blockbuster

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Avatar: The Way of the Water has been creating hype for as long as fans first set their eyes on the first film. Since then, the sequel has been in the works, and with it finally being done, its trailer already on repeat on multiple screens, director James Cameron revealed his inspiration for the movie.

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His dedication to the film series is so intimate that he hasn’t made any other film for about thirteen years, ever since Avatar changed the meaning of what animation and CGI could mean. His comeback to the big screen is grander than ever as fans cheer on the sequel and how it is a reflection of him.

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James Cameron Took Inspiration From His Own Life And What Family Signifies To Make Avatar: The Way Of The Water

Avatar: The Way Of The Water, much like its predecessor, will also focus on how the Na’vi and their connection to their planet are familial and intimate. He even expressed how he reflected on his own life within the movie and its making.

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“I thought, ‘I’m going to work out a lot of my stuff, artistically, that I’ve gone through as a parent of five kids,’” James Cameron added. “The overarching idea is, the family is the fortress. It’s our greatest weakness and our greatest strength. I thought, ‘I can write the hell out of this. I know what it is to be the asshole dad.’”

The movie will explore the lives of the blue aliens who work hand in hand with their planet. It further explores how when their home is attacked, they unite and deal with the problems at hand as a family. His experience as a parent to teenagers has allowed him to view the movie as well as the cast and crew from a much different angle.

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James Cameron Had A Lot Of Fun Making Avatar

When the filming of the first movie had concluded, James Cameron came to a stop with the question of whether or not he should make a sequel seeing the massive budget that the first movie required and how it could take a long amount of time to make another movie of the same caliber.

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Furthermore, Cameron found home in his filmmaking, especially within the submarines, and how much they relaxed him. So much so that he felt more on Earth when he was on a set to represent the exact opposite of it.

Avatar: The Way of the Water will be available to watch on theatres from 16th December 2022.


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Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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