“I like Brad because he’s not a c*ck”: Director Guy Ritchie Feels Brad Pitt Has the License to Be the Most Rude Celebrity in Hollywood

Director Guy Ritchie Feels Brad Pitt Has the License to Be the Most Rude Celebrity in Hollywood
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It is very difficult to not be a jerk in Hollywood, not because the entertainment industry breeds narcissists, but because it is unavoidable due to the reputation and controversies one goes through. Certainly, Hollywood heartthrob Brad Pitt is often considered rude and egoistic due to his behavior, but it is not his fault. 

Oscar winner, Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

Being constantly in the public eye, celebrities often become targets for lawsuits, fraud, and controversies, where their reputation and careers get squashed. Thus, Brad Pitt tries to maintain a good reputation by avoiding controversies, which turns him into a snob. But, it’s not true, for director Guy Ritchie would beg to differ. 

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Brad Pitt Often Comes Off As Rude And Egoistic 

Being a part of the egocentric entertainment industry, where celebrities are often deemed as snobs, Brad Pitt is no exception. For, the Fight Club actor is also considered extremely rude, disrespectful, and egoistic. Well, constantly being in the public eye and often hounded by paparazzi, actors like him eventually end up being j*rks. 

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt often comes off as a jerk

However, surprisingly although the world considers Brad Pitt as a rude and disrespectful human being, the actor isn’t quite like that. Keeping himself away from controversies, Pitt often avoids people and thus ends up being called a snob. Further, the actor also has a habit of forgetting names, which makes him look like a disrespectful j*rk. 

Brad Pitt
Pitt survived several controversies in Hollywood

But certainly, Brad Pitt isn’t any of those. Although considering his stature, the actor has the absolute right to act like a jerk, but he doesn’t. People who know him, often call him one of the sweetest celebs of Tinseltown. Despite going through heartbreaks and controversies throughout his career, the actor purposefully maintains his humility. 


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Guy Ritchie Feels Brad Pitt Has The License To Be Rude 

According to director Guy Ritchie, after working with Brad Pitt in the 2000 crime comedy Snatch, he realized how sweet the actor actually is. Thus, during an interview with Esquire, the acclaimed filmmaker noted that although Pitt has the license to be rude and behave like a j*rk, he never does that. 

Guy Ritchie
Guy Ritchie confirms that Brad Pitt isn’t a j*rk

I like Brad because he’s not a c*ck. He’s about as far away from being a c*ck as you can be. And it’s quite easy to be a c*ck in his position. It comes for free.” 

Praising the actor for his work and good looks, Guy Ritchie mentioned that Brad Pitt’s features and talent have the capability of turning the actor into a jerk. However, Pitt seemingly manages to maintain his humility despite that. 

Guy Ritchie
Ritchie believes that Pitt has the license to be a j*rk

If you’re famous and you’re good-looking, you have a license to be a c*ck. And I’m not sure if anyone has a bigger license than Brad. The license has ‘c*ck’ written all over it. And yet, he’s a good guy. That’s apparent and manifest as soon as you meet him.” 

Guy Ritchie ensured that he has known Brad Pitt since 1998, and the actor has never been rude or disrespectful. Thus, Ritchie mentioned how he became good friends with Pitt following their work on Snatch

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Source: Esquire


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