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“I like for her to wake up with a surprise”: Chris Evans Can’t Hide He is a Hopeless Romantic in His Relationship With Alba Baptista

"I like for her to wake up with a surprise": Chris Evans Can't Hide He is a Hopeless Romantic in His Relationship With Alba Baptista

Chris Evans has, perhaps, found the “One”, as they say, in the hit Netflix series Warrior Nun‘s lead actor, Alba Baptista. The pair has been a relatively private couple ever since they stepped into a relationship in early 2022. And although the fact had been made public via various paparazzi photos and media reports, none of them could confirm the news.

Well, until a few days ago – the Marvel actor, Chris Evans shared a nostalgic and adorable video of the pair, captioned, “A look back at 2022” that featured a compilation of jump scares that the two pranked each other with over the course of the past year. And if the blue-eyed heartthrob was not already winning hearts, he definitely is now.

Chris Evans and Alba Baptista make it Instagram official
Chris Evans and Alba Baptista make it Instagram official

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Chris Evans Reveals the Kind of Partner He Wants to Be

The confirmation of Chris Evans being in a year-long relationship has led the online crowd to officially go berserk trying to find as much evidence of the Marvel actor being the perfect representation of a partner as possible. With social media turning into a sleuthing juggernaut, old videos have surfaced where Evans is found talking about the kind of a partner he has been in his past relationships.

“If I’m dating someone, I like for her to wake up with a surprise. I think waking up with something is always unique, so, I was going to say, I like doing things in the night which just sounded awful. It sounded criminal. But yeah, I’ve done a few things, you know, where my counterpart wakes up and she’s kind of surprised with what’s happened.”

Chris Evans [via People]
Chris Evans [via People]
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Evans also mentions that although he doesn’t want to go into the details of what these early morning surprises actually look like, “it’s been real sweet.” Considering how private he has been about his time with Alba Baptista, it seems that these interviews have served the purpose of satiating the ever-hungry curiosity of the masses.

Are Chris Evans and Alba Baptista Ready to Settle?

The Endgame actor and the Warrior Nun actress have recently snagged the attention of the public when the New Year’s celebratory post went out from Evans’s social media account, confirming the pair to be in an obnoxiously happy relationship. The news was quickly backed by People that cited an insider source close to the couple claiming, “They are in love and Chris has never been happier. His family and friends all adore her.”

Alba Baptista and Chris Evans
Alba Baptista and Chris Evans

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Moreover, the magazine also awarded Chris Evans with the title of “2022 Sexiest Man Alive”. The actor, in good humor, replied that it was going to be hard to follow in the footsteps of Paul Rudd, his fellow Marvel contemporary. In the cover issue, Evans dove straight into details about finding a partner, having a family, and a legacy of his own, alongside recalling how he himself has grown over the years as an individual.

All things considered, it seems that the former Captain America is hinting that he’s ready to settle down and Alba Baptista might just be the one he’s planning to do it with.

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