‘I like having s*x with men. I just don’t date them’: Amber Heard’s Alleged Ex Girlfriend Cara Delevingne Prefers Dating Women But Doesn’t Want To Be Called ‘Bis*xual’

'I like having s*x with men. I just don't date them': Amber Heard's Alleged Ex Girlfriend Cara Delevingne Prefers Dating Women But Doesn't Want To Be Called 'Bis*xual'
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Cara Delevingne recently opened up about her experiences concerning her sexuality and the struggles she has endured in coming to terms with the same.


The English model and actress shared a profound insight into what her journey has been like when it comes to navigating and exploring different aspects of her sexuality, as she remarked the plights of embracing her “queer” parts due to the inherent shame and stereotypes attached to it all.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Delevingne

The Suicide Squad actress first addressed her sexuality publicly back in 2015, but still seems to find it difficult to be unabashedly open about her sexual and romantic preferences, especially when it comes to expressing her “love” for women. In her recent interview though, the Paper Towns star also clarified that she’s done putting up labels on her sexuality and would rather have herself known as someone who is simply “queer.”


Cara Delevingne Prefers Dating Women Over Men 

In the second episode, titled Out and Proud? of her new six-part Hulu series called Planet S*x, Cara Delevingne got brutally honest about living life as a queer woman, and how she has battled feelings of shame and guilt for a lengthy period of her life while trying to come to terms with her sexuality.

While she has been with both men and women throughout her modelling and acting career, Delevingne now says she’s more inclined towards dating the latter and most of the times only prefers “having s*x with men.” 

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Cara Delevingne is a very famous English model and actor.
Cara Delevingne talks about her sexuality

“I grew up with a lot of shame thinking, this isn’t normal, this isn’t human. S*xuality is a spectrum and mine wavers, but I’m probably, definitely more on the side of women. I like having s*x with men, I just don’t date them. I might though, you never know.” 

The supermodel has been involved with some of the most popular figures in the industry, including the pop culture icon Harry Styles, the Pretty Little Liars actress Ashely Benson, and was even allegedly dating the Aquaman star, Amber Heard, as rumors about the pair’s romantic trysts sparked up earlier this year.

Lately, however, Delevingne is all about giving up the tedious task of assigning any labels to her sexuality.

Cara Delevingne Isn’t A Fan of Having Any Labels on Her Sexuality 

Delevingne, 30, admitted spending a superfluous amount of time in figuring out how to own up to her sexuality and whether she identifies as a “bisexual” or a “pansexual.” But soon, she stopped unnecessarily labelling herself, and is now content with the fact that she is “one hundred percent queer.”


“I’ve always believed in the no labels thing, but have then spent a lot of time saying, ‘I’m bis*xual, I’m pans*xual’. I’m queer, I 100 per cent can tell you I’m queer, I don’t know what else I can say other than that.” 

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Cara Delevingne with her alleged girlfriend, Minke
Cara Delevingne with her alleged girlfriend, Minke

Currently, the London Fields actress is rumored to be in a relationship with the popular singer Leah Mason, otherwise known as Minke. According to The Daily Mail, the two were seen having an intense kiss during their vacation in Portofino this summer. However, these claims have neither been confirmed nor been denied by either Delevingne or her alleged partner.

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