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‘I like making f**ked up movies’: Nope Director Jordan Peele Proves Why He’s the GOAT, Says Mainstream Blockbusters Are a ‘Trap’

Nope Director Jordan Peele Proves Why He's the GOAT

Jordan Peele is a pretty well-known name in the entertainment industry, and if you haven’t heard it, then you might be living under a rock called Boring. Essentially every major digital entertainment platform you can think about, you might not even realize Peele might be in it. Being famous for the TV show Key & Peele with Keegan-Michael Key, he has appeared in Netflix’s Big Mouth, Toy Story 4, Rick and Morty, and so much more.

Jordan Peele
Jordan Peele

With Jordan Peele’s latest directorial release Nope, People have been baffled as well as severely amazed by his direction.

In an interview with The Verge, Peele sat down to talk about what went into the creation of the movie, along with his outlook on the film industry at the present moment and why he thinks that it’s a scam.

Jordan Peele Thinks Modern Blockbusters Are A Scam

Before the release of Nope, Charles Pulliam-Moore from The Verge had a chance to sit down with Jordan Peele and his cast member Keke Palmer to talk all things Nope. In that article, Moore wrote about how the pair thought the film was something that had been in the midst of a lot of attention due to the trailer of the film, and how it created a buzz that was strangely cool for a movie like this.

Keke Palmer in Jordan Peele's Nope (2022).
Keke Palmer in Jordan Peele’s Nope.

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Along the lines, Peele also stated that the film industry today is just running after big dollar signs, pumping out large blockbusters every other month to please the larger audience. He said that he felt these models was a trap for someone like him who is into making films that defy explanation and logic to truly screw with a person’s brain. He admitted that he is a creative type that doesn’t confine himself to the normal aspect of films because he doesn’t appreciate them, and said that he was made for making the movies that he makes.

“I don’t want people to think that I’m trying to make ‘elevated’ films, I think that’s a trap that I don’t quite appreciate because I, you know, I like making fucked-up films. I like making weird movies that I’m really just not supposed to make — and sometimes challenge people on the other side of things as well.”

Jordan Peele is known for making comedy skits that revolve mostly around dark humor and infringing jokes, and he doesn’t hide it either. In his show Key & Peele, audiences have witnessed multiple times how the Nope director exploited sensitive subjects by joking about them, which perfectly justifies his personal opinion of not being a big fan of mainstream films.

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What Is Nope?

In Scotland this film is called Naw.
Nope Poster

Nope is a 2022 Sci-Fi Horror film made by Jordan Peele. It tells a story about 2 siblings who own and maintain a horse ranch in California and suddenly witness something inexplicable in the skies above them. The whole film is centered around the ways in which the public reacts to this weird phenomenon that seems to be hiding a sinister surprise for them.

Nope is now streaming on Peacock.

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Source: The Verge

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