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‘I live with my mummy and other mummy’: Legendary Children’s Series Peppa Pig Introduces First Lesbian Couple in Latest Episode

Peppa Pig turns tides with inclusivity

Peppa Pig has been part of many childhoods and been a segment of many children spending their days binge-watching the family of friendly animals. The show introduces us to many types of creatures and their vast personalities.

With us evolving in time, it is only fair that the series too does the same. LGBTQIA+ as a community is only growing more and with it, the people are accepting different sexualities and identities. It isn’t very common to see such representation in a children’s show with an increasing audience by the minute.

The introduction of a family of polar bears proves to be a turning point for the ever-grabbing kids’ show.

Eighteen Years and Change Ahead

Peppa Pig and her chirpy group of animals have been entertaining children throughout the world for over eighteen years. Penny Polar, a friend, and classmate of Peppa introduced her parents to the audience in the latest episode of the show.

A surprising new reveal gave us the first lesbian couple in the children’s show with two polar bear mothers parenting Penny Polar. Penny states one of her mummies to be a doctor while the other cooks spaghetti. Hollywood is continuously putting effort into giving representation to gay couples and Peppa Pig to has taken initiative in the same.

Peppa Pig with her family
Peppa Pig with her family

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The People Responding Further

Twitter, Tumblr, and other platforms have been ecstatic in response to this. Terms of inclusivity, diversity, and togetherness have been used within these reverts. Peppa Pig has been a brand if not an icon for children’s media. Having a lesbian couple take the spotlight raised the opinions of many households.

Although she has been a famous long-time running meme amongst young adults, Peppa might just become the changing symbol. Peppa Pig as a show now represents far more than lively little animals living their best lives; for now, it also represents people of different natures and sexualities.

Peppa and her family playing in the mud
Peppa Pig with her family

The different animals all mixing together is a fine representation of equality; so it is only fair for the animals to also represent equality in a sense of preferences.

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A Take On Representation

Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig takes the first step to bring positive change

The popular British Cartoon show has become an iconic platform to show the different kinds of people in a surrounding area. A show that has been running for eighteen years is not alone in striving for inclusivity and the famous train engine show; Thomas and Friends too has taken the initiative of introducing its first autistic character.

Seeing this, it can be said that childhood television experiences would no longer be the same as they do not fail to adapt to the current times. In a growing world, to see characters you grew up with understand the world outside their own fictional one is a very conscious step to be taken forward.

Children of today’s day and age would learn about the people outside of their own accords or perhaps find bits and pieces of themselves in the shows.

The Time Of Change

Whether one may agree to the step taken or not, it cannot be denied that people with a spectrum of sexualities are around us. Peppa Pig as a show does the same. Episode forty-one of the seventh season changes the entire course of how the series would now move forward.

Peppa with her friends and family
Peppa Pig with her family

This could also mean that more sexualities could be included. Along with even more forms of inclusivity. This may also be a push for other broadcasting shows to move along their path. More children’s shows could now take forward their own ideas and make their audience feel more relatable.

The series has been a beacon of hope. Letting script writers explore more and apply more to the shows which are meant to pass down knowledge to the children watching.

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Source: Twitter and Tumblr

Written by Adya Godboley

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