“I look busted and disgusted”: Rosie Perez Could Not Believe Gladiator Director Wanted Her to Look More Ugly For an Iconic Role

Rosie Perez had a very grotesque experience on the sets of the film: The Counselor

"I look busted and disgusted": Rosie Perez Could Not Believe Gladiator Director Wanted Her to Look More Ugly For an Iconic Role


  • Rosie Perez revealed that Ridley Scott wanted her to look hideous for the role
  • She fell in love with the character she was set to play in the film: The Counselor
  • However, she was disgusted and disturbed by events during the filming of the project
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Teaming up with the acclaimed filmmaker Ridley Scott might be every actor’s dream, but only a select few get the chance. Well, renowned actress Rosie Perez once had the rare opportunity to work with Scott in his 2013 project, The Counselor, starring Michael Fassbender. 

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Rosie Perez
Rosie Perez

Although the movie ended up being a great addition to Rosie Perez’s filmography, the actress recalled having a bizarre experience on set. Recalling during an interview how Ridley Scott wanted her to look hideous for the role, Perez mentioned feeling disgusted by how she had to take off her makeup. 


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Rosie Perez Accepted Ridley Scott’s 2013 Project With Urgency 

Renowned actress Rosie Perez once had the opportunity to team up with the Gladiator filmmaker Ridley Scott in his 2013 project The Counselor. Sharing screen with Michael Fassbender, Perez played one of the many shady characters that her co-star had to deal with since he played the role of a successful lawyer involved in the world of underground crime. 

The Counselor (2013)
The Counselor (2013)

During her interview with HuffPost, Rosie Perez mentioned how she grabbed the opportunity with urgency after getting a hold of the film’s script. Unwilling to let go of such a prestigious project from her filmography, the actress recalled how her manager assigned her the role, although everyone thought she wasn’t fit for it. 

My management office called me and said, ‘There’s a script and everyone is saying that you’re not right for it, but I think you’re going to like it.’ So, I read the script and I loved it. He said, ‘Rosie, do you want to fight for it?’ And I said, ‘100 percent,’” 

Rosie Perez
Perez took on The Counselor role with urgency

Falling in love with the character, Rosie Perez discussed how she desperately wanted the role. And certainly, there was urgency on her part since the creators were about to hire someone else to play the character. “And I had to do it quickly, too, because they were about to hire somebody,” the actress recalled. Eventually, Perez got the role; but there were certain compromises attached to it. 


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Ridley Scott Needed Rosie Perez to Look Ugly for The Counselor

In her interview with HuffPost, Rosie Perez recalled the way she was hired for The Counselor. Thanks to her desperation and urgency, the actress landed the role that ended up being one of her most famous works. “I already had it in my mind that she’s (her character) a badass and she’s a boss. They just said, ‘She’s in charge.’ And I said, ‘Got it.’” Perez shared. 

Rosie Perez
Rosie Perez was asked to take off her makeup for The Counselor

However, when she arrived on the set of the 2013 project, Rosie Perez recalled how she had to make certain compromises for the movie. Speaking with WENN (via Contact Music) the actress recalled how she was asked to take off her makeup by Ridley Scott

I look busted and disgusted. When I went on the set… I’m Puerto Rican so my hair’s important and so… I did my hair all nice and everything. [Scott] goes, ‘No, you’re in prison’ and I go, ‘What?’ and he goes, ‘And you gotta take off the make-up.’” 

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott needed Perez to look ugly for the role

Rosie Perez tried hard to argue her point but Ridley Scott was adamant on making her look ugly for the role. So eventually the director ended up asking the make-up artists to “put some dark circles under her eyes and make her look ugly”. And certainly, Scott’s vision paid off well, as The Counselor made $71M against its $25M budget. 


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