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“I love him deeply to this day”: Helen Mirren Confesses Her Feelings For Batman Begins Star Liam Neeson, Claims They Were Never Meant to Be Together

Helen Mirren Confesses Her Feelings For Batman Begins Star Liam Neeson

Helen Mirren has been an actress who has become an icon ever since her career lifted off. Her roles throughout her era have become immortal in a way and will continue to be so forevermore.  The Hundred-Foot Journey actress, in her latest interview with People’s Magazine, went back in the past for a bit and reminisced about her relationship with Liam Neeson.

Helen Mirren
Helen Mirren

Her most iconic role happens to be the Late Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen became an instant hit and was just another reason for Mirren’s career to still be as grand as it was back in the twentieth century. This interview made her reveal thoughts on her previous lover and her tradition of making t-shirts for her ex-boyfriends.

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Helen Mirren Opens Up About Liam Neeson And Her Relationship

In her interview, Helen Mirren talked about how she would make t-shirts for her boyfriends as a necessity, making sure all of them had their own personal Mirren exclusive garment. During this talk, she pushed on the subject of how Liam Neeson, whom she dated from 1980-1985, also had a t-shirt. She further explained how the two had fallen in love just as quickly as they had met, moving in with each other shortly afterward.

MI Liam Neeson press conference
Liam Neeson

“We were not meant to be together in that way, but we loved each other very, very much,” she remarked. “I love him deeply to this day. He’s such an amazing guy.”

She then proceeded to explain how even though they lived with each for four years, it was just not meant to be. The love they had for each other was not momentary, but she still admires him in the present day. She called herself to be lucky to have dated the actor, and the Batman Begins star even appreciated just how mesmerized he was by Mirren.

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Helen Mirren Talked About Her Husband Taylor Hackford

Helen Mirren then proceeded to explain how every single boyfriend of her had been given a t-shirt, allowing the interview to comment on how she could very well have her fashion line. However, the actress then reassured him that those t-shirts were not as great as one would have imagined them to be.

Helen Mirren Photo Credit Giles Keyte high res 1617698963
Helen Mirren

She then talked about her husband, director Taylor Hackford whom she met during her audition for White Nights. Not only did she get the role, but she even managed to steal the heart of the director who would then go on to become her husband in 1997. She even admired how among the many things she loves about him, it was never about him wanting to make her feel beautiful.

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Source: People

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