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“I love that for her”: Seth Rogen Loved Charlize Theron’s 90 Seconds Org-sm Scene, Claims Fast X Star is Much More S-xually Experienced Than Him

"I love that for her": Seth Rogen Loved Charlize Theron's 90 Seconds Org-sm Scene, Claims Fast X Star is Much More S-xually Experienced Than Him

Charlize Theron is undeniably one of the most loved actresses in the Hollywood industry due to her strong portfolio of projects with dynamic roles that she absolutely made her own. Highly notable for her action roles, one can’t forget the light roles that she worked on which were an absolute delight for fans. One such role was of Charlotte Field alongside Seth Rogan in the 2019 film, Long Shot. 

Charlize Theron
South-African-American actress, Charlize Theron

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While the film underperformed at the box office, critics praised the chemistry between the actress and Rogan. The movie garnered major attention due to their lovemaking scene, or specifically, Theron’s part in the sequence. Even her co-star loved her performance as he claimed that she was much more s-xually experienced than him.

Seth Rogan Shared His Thoughts on His Intimate Scene With Charlize Theron

Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron in the Long Shot
Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron in the Long Shot

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Back in 2019, Seth Rogan in an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Show opened up about his much-highlighted lovemaking scene with Charlize Theron.

He shared,

“It’s a brief love making it’s a brief love-making scene. And the joke of the scene is that we both org-sm in a very short amount of time, which for me is very believable, I think.”

The scene was quite the highlight as the actress had an org-sm in just 90 seconds which many claimed was a phenomenon more often seen with men than women but the actress remained firm in her viewpoint. As per her, it was possible for women as well.

Though he didn’t argue much on the mechanism as he shared,

“I don’t wanna bring too much to these arguments because who am I to tell her her thing?”

However, his experience working with her on the particular scene suggested that she had experience more than him.

Seth Rogan’s Views on Charlize Theron’s S-xual Experience

Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron
Seth Rogan and Charlize Theron

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The actor further delved more into the scene sharing how he was giving suggestions about their positions in that intimate sequence when his co-star wanted things to be done in her way.

“And she was like, no, I’m on the bottom, you’re on top. That’s how this goes down. And I was just like, whatever the h-ll you say.”

He further continued,

“Yeah. I’m sure you know better than I do. I will do what you like and yes. And you let Charlize take control in those situations.”

He knew what his co-star wanted to do which is what he loved about her. The end result was what matters which eventually became the highlight. Despite the technicalities of her highly discussed org-sm scene, she willingly put in her best efforts to pull off a great sequence that everyone visioned for it.

Long Shot is available on HBO Max.

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live

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