‘I love the fanbase’: Top Gun 2 Star Miles Teller Wants Fans To Demand His Casting in DC and Marvel Movies

Miles Teller has effectively and persistently dodged typecasting since his debut performance in The Spectacular Now. Miles Teller has demonstrated his broad acting talents in his limited career thus far, from playing the lead in romantic comedies to expressing the spirit of an obsessive musician. Teller even joined returning cast mates Tom Cruise, Val Kilmer, and Jennifer Connelly in the long-awaited Top Gun sequel Top Gun: Maverick in a thrilling and action-packed flying adventure.

Miles Teller
Miles Teller as Brad “Rooster” Bradshaw in Top Gun: Maverick

This Top Gun: Maverick actor had no idea that he had been fan-cast as DC’s Green Lantern or the MCU’s Nova by fans. Following his role in the Fantastic Four reboot in 2015, it appears that people still want to see the actor in a superhero film. Fortunately for Teller, he is willing to play both roles.

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‘I’m sure if they get loud enough, then I will hear’ – Miles Teller

Miles Teller
Miles Teller

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During a recent interview with ComicBook, Miles Teller talked about how he would be happy to take either of the two mantles. At first, he was surprised about him being fan-cast as DC’s Green Lantern or the MCU’s Nova by fans and said ‘I haven’t heard any of those rumblings yet,’ However, he did mention fans to be ‘loud enough’ about the notion for him to hear.

“I haven’t heard any of those rumblings yet, but I’m sure if they get loud enough, then I will hear,” said Teller. “Yeah, for sure [I’d be down]. I love the fan base. I love the Marvel and DC fan bases and I love those movies as an audience member, and it seems they’ve taken these characters more and more seriously because the fans deserve it. There’s nothing cheap about those characters and if the right thing came along I’d be open to it for sure.”

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Miles Teller as Reed Richards
Miles Teller as Reed Richards

Teller, who also appeared on the screen as a superhero in Josh Trank’s 2015 Fantastic Four reboot as Reed Richards, has previously shown interest in returning to the genre. Teller stated, “I think those characters in the movie adaptations, in the shows, have really come a long way. And I think they’ve really, you know, started diving into the complexity of these characters.” The Top Gun: Maverick star further stated that if any ideal role comes up in the future that he feels is doing justice to the character, he would happily get on board to take it on.

Source – ComicBook

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