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“I love this script”: Superman: Legacy Director James Gunn is “Incredibly Excited” for a New Superman Movie Without Henry Cavill

"I love this script": Superman: Legacy Director James Gunn is "Incredibly Excited" for a New Superman Movie Without Henry Cavill

Months after taking over as the new co-CEO of DC Studios with Peter Safran, James Gunn announced the first chapter of the new DCU in January. The first chapter, titled “Gods & Monsters,” included several projects along with a Superman movie. It is expected to be the first film under the new DCU. The American filmmaker recently shared new updates related to Superman: Legacy with a series of tweets.

Superman: Legacy
Superman: Legacy

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James Gunn Shares His Excitement For Superman: Legacy

James Gunn is officially moving ahead with his first DC film, Superman: Legacy, after taking over as the co-CEO of DC Studios. He gave new updates regarding the Superman project in a series of tweets, as he shared his excitement to start working on the film. Gunn also shared how he was offered a Superman film earlier, but he refused as he did not feel “unique and fun and emotional” about it.

James Gunn
James Gunn

He also shared how he started working on the script of Superman: Legacy and is excited to begin his journey. The Super director also shared the release date of the film and how it is related to his personal life. However, even after working on the script, Gunn was still hesitant about directing the film himself.

But DC Studios’ co-CEO seems to have overcome his hesitation as he confirms that he will be directing the new Superman movie. A lot of details about the film are yet to be revealed. Fans can expect to be introduced to the new Superman soon, as the film is set to release in 2025.

While James Gunn is excited to start his journey under the new DCU, Snyder fans do not seem excited and supportive of the new DCU. They do not seem to follow up with his plans and are still claiming that James Gunn will never be able to top Zack Snyder’s work with DC superheroes.

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How Does James Gunn Plan to Manage the Other Projects?

James Gunn’s previous work and films are enough to convince anyone that he would do an incredible job with a DC superhero like Superman. However, considering that he is also the co-CEO of the DC Studios, it also raises the question of how he would manage other upcoming projects.

Creature Commandos
Creature Commandos

He announced 10 DCU projects, including five films, and five series, under the first chapter. Creature Commandos is expected to be the first DC project to release, and Gunn has already completed the script for the seven episodes of the series. It is already under production and would release before Superman: Legacy.

However, given that Gunn himself is directing the first film under the new DCU, fans have questioned if he would be able to oversee the other projects while directing Superman: Legacy or if his co-CEO Peter Safran will look after them.

Some fans also questioned if he would continue to work on the second season of Peacemaker, which is also said to be in production and is expected to release in late 2024. Others asked him to be considerate while casting the new Superman and bring someone who can live up to the standards set by Henry Cavill as Superman and to justify all that DC fans went through, over the past few months.

Some are also excited about what James Gunn has in store with his new Superman movie. However, the question is still how Gunn will manage the other DCU project if he takes on the responsibility for writing and directing the initial projects himself.

Superman: Legacy is set to release on July 11, 2025.

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Source: James Gunn via Twitter

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