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“I loved Superman and I still do”: The Rock Describes the Fight Between Black Adam and Henry Cavill’s Superman, Willing to Lose the Fight to Bring Back the Man of Steel

The Rock Describes the Fight Between Black Adam and Henry Cavill’s

Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock has clearly and loudly serenaded Superman multiple times since his arrival as the Black Adam in DC. Although the latter’s coming is now more a matter of when rather than if, it is still largely speculation that paves the news of Henry Cavill’s arrival to the DC Extended Universe. The Rock’s maniacal teases and promotional videos are overflowing with fan theories at this point and now, the Fast Five actor fuels those with a starry-eyed monologue about Black Adam battling Superman.

Black Adam poster
Black Adam poster

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The Rock Talks About a Black Adam v Superman Fight

It is not news for the avid followers of DC, The Rock, and Henry Cavill that the trio is intricately linked to the trending happenings of the superhero franchise at the moment. Dwayne Johnson has rarely kept quiet about his love for Superman and what he wishes to accomplish once Black Adam premieres on the global theatrical market. Most of all, Johnson has been vocal about his relentless battle to get the character to the screens and how it will change the hierarchy of the DCEU forever.

The resurrection of Black Adam
The resurrection of Black Adam

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Now it seems the forever DC fanboy at heart has theorized about what a fight between Black Adam and Superman will look like.

“I think Black Adam lands the first punch. Now, I don’t know if Black Adam lands the last punch. I grew up a DC boy, I love Superman. I loved Superman and I still do. Clearly.”

When asked if the scene was already built in his mind and upon being complimented on having a filmmaker’s vision, the Red Notice actor replied,

“I can see things so clearly on how that scene looks like, what that scene looks like, what that film looks like, what the next three films look like. Now whether or not that comes to fruition, it always helps when we have that kind of clarity.”

Black Adam
Black Adam primes itself for a high-octane action sequence

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Where Does The Rock Stand With Henry Cavill’s DC Return?

Recently, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson teased in a short Instagram post about there being “a third act” to his current DCEU narrative, claiming, “Here’s the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. On THIS planet.” before signing his video off with a sly and perfectly timed wink. Although the implications of the message have been ringing among the fans in loud decibels, the actor shows no signs of stopping fueling the fan momentum as Black Adam draws nearer.

“For the past 10 years as I was pushing Black Adam up this hill to get made, I was also listening to the fans at the same time. We will create Black Adam for him to be the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. The most powerful and unstoppable force in the entire universe, has been on the sidelines for too long.”

Black Adam's cinematography promises a callback to the SnyderVerse era 1
Black Adam‘s cinematography promises a callback to the SnyderVerse era

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As the release of the film draws closer, the former professional wrestler speaks of how his career with WWE as well as his current rise in Hollywood shaped his success by always listening to the audience. The past few formative years of Black Adam had inherently witnessed the meteoric rise and fall of the tense DC and Warner Bros. relationship and the subsequent movements calling for the revival of the SnyderVerse and Henry Cavill. These movements reportedly influenced and motivated The Rock to categorically use his platform and authority in DC to advocate and mediate the return of Cavill.

Only time will tell, however, how influential his power of persuasion can be over a juggernaut like Warner Bros. Discovery and whether the long-deprived fans will finally get to witness Man of Steel 2 in the aftermath of Black Adam.

Black Adam premieres in theatres on October 21, 2022.

Source: Jake’s Takes

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