“I might actually watch the show now”: ‘You’ Season 5 Adds Tom Francis to the Cast as Fans Expect Penn Badgley’s Joe to Have a Different Awakening

Fans are hoping You season 5 will see Joe hook up with Clayton.

penn badgley’s joe, you season 5


  • For a long time, fans have suspected Penn Badgley's Joe to be bisexual.
  • With Tom Francis set to play Clayton in You season 5, fans are hoping Netflix finally confirms Joe's bisexuality in the upcoming season.
  • Penn Badgley doesn't enjoy almost every aspect of Joe.
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You became a surprise hit for Netflix, upon its premiere in 2018, which follows the story of a bookstore manager named Joe Goldberg, who is also a serial killer. Based on Caroline Kepnes’ novel by the same name, the Penn Badgley-led show has enjoyed four seasons so far and is set to wrap up with its fifth season, which is rumored to release sometime in 2024.


Even though the fourth entry in the series was seen as a step down in quality, compared to its predecessors, following Tom Francis’ inclusion in the upcoming season, fans are excited.

Fans Are Expecting You Season 5 to Confirm Joe Is Bisexual

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in You Season 4
A still of from You Season 4

With season five set to bring things full circle, as it’ll take place in New York, the location where it all began, a plethora of new faces has been added to the cast. Among the new set of cast, including Natasha Behnam, Pete Ploszek, and Tom Francis, the inclusion of Francis and his character’s description has evoked excitement among fans.

A still of Tom Francis, who is set to play Clayton
Tom Francis | Credit: @realtomfrancis/IG

According to Deadline, Francis will play a character named Clayton, who is a pretentious, self-absorbed, wannabe author. However, his vindictive, controlling nature will draw Joe’s attention, who is a homicidal psychopath himself. Considering that fans have long suspected Penn Badgley‘s Joe to be bisexual, especially following his obsession with Ed Speeler’s Rhys Montrose, fans are hoping for Joe to hook up with Clayton.



Although time will tell if Netflix will lean towards a romantic plotline for the two characters and finally put an end to the theories surrounding Joe’s sexuality, as of now, fans can only wait.

Penn Badgley Isn’t a Fan of Joe Goldberg

Penn Badgley has been pretty vocal about his viewpoints on his You counterpart and the show’s controversy. Even though the character engages in all sorts of reprehensible actions, including murder and harassment, following the show’s first-person perspective, many enjoy Goldberg as a character.

Sharing his stance on the character, the Gossip Girl star stressed that one shouldn’t admire his You counterpart, explaining that he isn’t someone one should root for to have a happy ending.

Penn Badgley as Joe Goldberg in a still from You
A still from You | Netflix

He told Vanity Fair:

 “We can’t lead ourselves to believe that if Joe would simply find the right person that he would be happy because he’s a f-cking murderer.”

Badgley also recalled the scene in the show that pushed him to his limits as an actor, which involved Joe watching Elizabeth Lail’s Beck while performing a s-x act outside of her window. Speaking of the scene, the actor said: “I found myself surprisingly disgusted like I did not want to do i.” But even though he doesn’t “enjoy nearly everything” about Joe, he finds it interesting how divisive the show ended up being.

You is available to stream on Netflix.


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