“I might be failing at this”: Jessica Alba Got a Harsh Reality Check After She Watched Senior Citizens Destroy Her Completely in a Hike

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"I might be failing at this": Jessica Alba Got a Harsh Reality Check After She Watched Senior Citizens Destroy Her Completely in a Hike

Jessica Alba is an American actress and a businesswoman known for her iconic movies like Fantastic Four and Sin City alongside running her business, The Honest Company. In an interview, the actress sat down for a chat with Jimmy Fallon about how things quickly went south when she once went for a detox hike.

Talking about the requirements that she had to do before going on the trip, Alba stated that she could not resist alcohol, meat, and the comfort of her home. Downing margaritas and eating tacos, Jessica Alba stated that she felt like a failure when a group of senior citizens passed their group during the hike.

Jessica Alba as Susan/Invisible Woman
Jessica Alba as Susan/Invisible Woman

When Jessica Alba Went On A Hiking Trip

With her business company up and running, it is natural for the actress to take a break once in a while. Well, this time, Jessica Alba decided to go on a detox hiking trip. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallonthe actress sat down for a chat about her personal life.

Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis in Sin City (2005).
Jessica Alba and Bruce Willis in Sin City (2005).

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From her business to the detox hike, Alba had quite some stories to tell but none more so entertaining than her hiking trip. While unable to resist alcohol, the crunchiness of the meat, and the luxurious comfort of her home, Alba did everything that she was told not to do a day before her hiking started.

“It was a vegan hiking detox situation and I didn’t realize. So in my mind, I’m like ‘I’m going there to do the healthy thing’. But actually, you’re supposed to, like eliminate all the things before you get there. So, like, for a month, you should stop drinking alcohol. And I was like uh…the night before, I was like, ‘How many margaritas can I get in?'”.

She further continued.

“And then they’re like, and you should eliminate meat, you know, a week or two weeks. I was like downing tacos that morning with all the things on it. Oh yeah, you’re supposed to hike like six miles a day!”

Although she was badmouthing the hiking trip, Alba quickly realized that she was in it for the short haul because she was already huffing and puffing as soon as the trip started.

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Jessica Alba Was Bested By Senior Citizens During Her Hike

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

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As the hiking trip progressed, Jessica Alba quickly realized that the things that she should have avoided were there for a reason. As the interview continued, Alba stated that a group of senior citizens surpassed her group and she felt very disappointed in herself.

“But then we were on the hike and our first day, we’re halfway up. We’re like, ‘We don’t know if we can do this anymore,’ and then a pack of solid, solid senior citizens, they just, like boom, right past us. And we’re dying, huffing and puffing. And then they came, and they lapped us. They went to the top and came back down. And we still hadn’t quite made it up.”

She ended the tale by stating,

“One of those moments where you’re like ‘ I might be failing at this. Whatever, this is not my thing.'”

The actress was last seen in the 2023 series Honest Renovations, while she is currently attached to two other upcoming projects.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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