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“I might want to choke you”: Jeremy Renner Used To Terrify Children Before Becoming an Avenger, Claimed They Ran Away From Him For a Strange Reason

“I might want to choke you”: Jeremy Renner Used To Terrify Children Before Becoming an Avenger, Claimed They Ran Away From Him For a Strange Reason

Jeremy Renner can do it all, from comedy movies to thrillers and not to forget action and drama. Renner is mostly known for his intense characters that have left a great impression on the audience. These roles have also helped him build the fan base he has today. 

Jeremy Renner at an event
Jeremy Renner at an event

Children today know him as one of the Avengers. For children, the Wind River actor is Hawkeye, the superhero with an arrow not missing a chance to take down his targets. Before he became a part of the Avengers team, there was a time when kids would run away from him. 

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Jeremy Renner’s resting face scared the children 

Jeremy Renner with his daughter
Jeremy Renner with his daughter

Jeremy Renner is one of the funniest stars in the industry. He knows how to make people around him laugh but his resting face says the opposite of it. Many people speculate that because the 52-year-old actor is often spotted with his resting intense face and he is probably not in a great mood. During an interview, the Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation actor opened up about how kids would always keep their distance from him. While talking about his life before The Avengers, the Tag actor said,

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“The kids would run away from me. But now that I play a superhero, you know, they come around and it’s the most amazing thing.”

When the interviewer asked Renner why he would want to scare children, the actor said,

“It’s my resting face, I was born with it. I built a career around it … I’m thinking, oh my God, that’s a beautiful suit, but if I’m just thinking about it, it looks like I might want to choke you.” 

Even though the Dahmer actor’s resting face might frighten kids but you should see him around his daughter Ava. Renner shares a 10-year-old daughter with his ex-wife Sonni Pacheco.

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Jeremy Renner talks about his number one priority as a parent 

Jeremy Renner with Ava
Jeremy Renner with Ava

The Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol actor married his ex-wife Pacheco in the year 2014 and after one year they parted ways in 2015. The ex-couple already had their daughter Ava and they started co-parenting after their divorce. While talking about parenting and how he is managing things as a dad, the actor said, “That’s my number one thing as a parent. Continuity and consistency.” Renner also expressed his desire to have 8 kids but for the actor, it’s not fun if he is doing it alone. The American Hustle actor said he wants 8 kids running around him and he would like to have a little clan but for now, that’s not in his future. 

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Renner has shown the world that he is one of the most promising actors in the industry. The snow plow accident where the Neo Ned actor was crushed under the snowcat made the world see Renner’s bravery and strength from the inside out. 

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